One booked in immigration racket case

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For the info of GUJU- Bhais

One booked in immigration racket case TIMES NEWS NETWORK [ THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2003 12:26:51 AM ]

AHMEDABAD: In all, 147 complaints of cheating and fraud have been filed against Platinum India Associate, an immigration firm. Although the Navrangpura police have arrested one Asif Siddiqui in this connection, they are yet to arrive at the total amount cheated by the firm. Mumbaibased owners Ahmad Ansari and Sunil Sarang had realised big amounts in lieu of promises to provide work permits in foreign countries. On Tuesday, the Navrangpura police raided homes of two managers of the company—Priyanka Shukla and Zuber Mohammad Siddiqui. Though the duo managed to escape, the police nabbed Asif Siddiqui, a relative of Zuber. Asif was going to take a flight for Varanasi via New Delhi with an unsigned affidavit. Police officials suspect the document could be used by the accused, hiding in a neighbouring state, in seeking anticipatory bail.More than 100 victims filed complaints against the company

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Hey buddy.. let us not spread defamation about any one. Let the law take it course. Let us not get involved and create an adverse public image.

There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; The fun is in having lots to do and not doing it.

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