Fishing - Pls share your experience and thoughts

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 29-07-11 13:26:13

Friends !

Pls share your fishing experience.. If first timer like me would like to venture into it what are the requirements, thrills and pitfalls ?

Few questions which arises -
1. Licensing requirements
2. Fishing spots with in Toronto / Ontario
3. First timer kit and equipment
4. Skills and practice
5. Things to take care of

Thanks in advance for the replies.

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Yes you need a fishing license (which you can get it at a vendor which sells fishing items). Get the Outdoor booklet, it has all the rules & details you are looking for..... as there are limitations to how much fish you can really catch, & also certain size fish (if you catch them) you have to let them go back into the water..
An ideal place would be BasPro shop at Vaughan Mills..

North is loaded with lots of fish; the further you go the better it is..
Just be careful with the water, as it can be unpredictable; if you are catching from the shore than its OK, but if you are going into the water, than I recommend its a must to have life jacket.. this year we have already received several reports of drowning..

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Fishing is hugely popular in Northwestern Ontario where I'm originally from. I'm from the rare family that only does it casually so I can't offer any tips. I do really strongly agree with the above poster's advice to wear a life jacket. There have been so many drownings announced on the radio lately. Some studies suggest that newcomers face a greater risk of drowning of course this doesn't mean much as its correlation not causation, what really matters is your level of swimming and boating safety.

Regarding licences, to fish more than once you need an outdoors card and a fishing licence. If you will go only once you can get a one day licence and you will not need an outdoors card. I recommend getting a one day licence and the most basic equipement and seeing if you like it. I think at one point my dad had decided to take up fishing but he really just wanted to buy a boat, he spent a day on the lake with a friend and just didn't find it as enjoyable as he'd thought it would be.

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Get a one year license cost some 20 bucks (keep the receipt till card comes in mail)

Ideal fishing spots are bluffs or Brimley beach, but has pay parking from june to sept.


Rouge river also an excellent fishing spot with free parking.

fishing season varies as different fishes come at different time for spawning

you get carp (plenty) cat fish, but the best is when u get a pike or bass.

starter kit should have worms/corn/shrimp as bait.

and get a nice rod bass pro and reel(walmart), mine is a 7 ft from bass pro, am now in india with it.

lures and hook at dollar shop are worth as well

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