pros and cons of dual citizenship with India

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regretably canadian   
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Orginally posted by duncan

I fully agree with charlie. Media reports never give ur money back if the stock market backhome will fall, and do u know anything bout investment in real estate?
rent law in India is from way back 50's when we got freedom (I am talking bout punjab). No major changes, if anyone occupies ur land or house worth crores, and u r sitting in Canada. then who u gonna trust, indian court. for that go to India every yr for hearing in court, and the case runs for 20-30yrs. give them a solid reason. cauz indian law says u can't vacate the house from tenant if u have a permanent polace to live. 60% cases in courts are of property disput only.
If u think u r very clever, then plz go ahead and invest anywhere in India by living in Canada. I prefer buying a piece of land in sask then in punjab, or maybe invest in some stock market elsewhere, where I can keep a check daily.
and for this if u call me turning and thinking up as a white guy, I would "no prob". think whatever u can. I don't care. cauz I had adopted myself to canada way of living. and moreover its CANADA wich had given me shelter, jobs, money to live, and allowed be to be part of it. so I will not at any moment curse this country like others. but at same time I respect my motherland, but that doesn't all me to curse Canada.
my beleive is:
learn from past mistakes,
live in present,
and secure ur future.

so acc to this theory if I invest in India, will it be secure? so better to invest in canada where I can keep a regular watch on investments.

Why did I term you as "WHITE" Guy? Your posts reflect their kind of thinking ! A well studied and thought out strategy would certainly yield much better returns.

First, there are sufficiently large and reputed companies in India in diverse field which has excellent growth potential and transparent reporting and governance structure. Investment in these companies will certainly yield good return but like an village clown you say you want to keep watch on your investment ! How does one do that? The best way to keep watch is to really study the stock before investing! Secondly do not put all eggs in one basket. All markets are prone to scandals. Enron and Nortel are the best example but there are strategies to contain risk and without risk there is no reward. Any way you invest in Sask and keep watc on your investment and I would play with Indian stocks.

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Orginally posted by regretably canadian

you do not have to show more loyalty than the Queen to prove that you are a good citizen. :D

Dear financial guru I am loyal to my money .............:up: got it!!!!
I won't comment on your point of learning finance. Are you here to tell people what additional courses to attend. Like earlier at some other thread it was ESL and now it is finance classes.
Try selling your house now, it will fetch fortune only if money was invested decade back, our discussion is about present investment. OK uncle :D
In some other thread you had talked of returing back to India. How come you are selling your house back there and investing in stupid non progressive country. I think you have problem in sequential thinking .........:D

Check for pervert's database here

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