need ride frm air port

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Originally posted by Aashu

Raj canada whether I have $ 20 for taxi or not is NONE of your concern !!!

And now I see that you are in Admin too........Does that not put any responsibilities on you to be careful before commenting on any thing or any one ?

my question is clear.............only those who can volunteer need reply and I do not need any other "SPECIAL COMMENTS" !

I wanted to put a disclaimer like TK saab becuase I was sort of expecting you would take it personally though the comment was not meant for you.

In the post above, please see what is inside the quotes and to what I have responded.


I appreciate the spirit of TK to help for free (though it comes with terms and conditions).

If somebody is willing to wait for 5-7 hours in the airport after arrival to save let us say $20 dollars, what is wrong in saying they could spend thousands of $ each for airticket but do not have $20 dollars for taxi.

Disclaimer: No derogatory comment has been made on Aashu and his/her friends, family, near and far relatives.

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RajCanada has been always a gentleman on this forum and i think that your comments on him were unwarrented.
RajCanada was just giving a suggestion which i also find it very very valid. A $25 on Taxi for 2 or 3 people is no big deal for a person coming from such a far off country. Even if the flight tickets were free, for those people to afford $25 should not be such a big deal.
Please take RajCanada's comments in the righ spirit. You had every right to refuse his advise but not make comments about his observation. You could have told in a gentleway why you donot accept his comments and this would have brought in more volunteers. Now i doubt if anyone would volunteer for this attitude.
Just my views. You can accept it or decline it.
Sidenote : Just note the amount of pressure on the volunteer. If he volunteers his time and car and by chance the car met with an accident while he was volunteering for you, who then would pay for the damages if the fault was that of the volunteer or the hassles that the volunteer has to go through if the fault was the other persons. In this case a $25 cab/ taxi ride is the best since it puts the pressume on the cab driver and he is responsible for any accidents.That was what RajCanada meant. Please take it in the right spirit-TK

I am a Gents and not a Ladies.

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I know an immigrant who was recently laid off. He is a good friend of mine. During his lay off he wants to gets his Licence. It seemed that he took driving lessons once but found taht the instructor was looking just to milk money from him and so he stopped after the 1 st. ride.
He then requested me to teach him driving in my car. I told him that i work all day. He then asked me if i could teach him on weekends. I told him that i work 7 days a week 12 hrs . daily and that his house was 45 mins. from my house and 1 hr. from my office.
I then told him that since i had a private car it has no 2 brakes (as in the instructor's car) and what would happen if he hit someone , or a public property etc.. I would be at a loss. He said that he was not such a bad driver to do that but i could not take a chance esp. in Canada.

I am a Gents and not a Ladies.

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