Good GSM Cell Phone providers in Toronto

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Which are good reliable GSM cell phone providers in Toronto ?
Know only of Rogers-Fido so far but their plans are not that good.

Not sure of their coverage and reliability as i have heard a lot of bad things about them.

Same goes with Bell or Virgin Mobile but they are both CDMA.
So we are pretty stuck with one provider once we buy a cell phone which are not that cheap anyways.

Hence would like to buy a quad band GSM phone and be able to switch to any GSM provider while in Canada but also be able to use the same phone outside of Canada while travelling.

With CDMA, we are stuck with one provider in Canada and cannot use it outside et all.

In addition to GSM, looking for free unlimited incoming with decent outgoing minutes with good long distance options and voicemail/call display features.

Also most of the phones have customizable ringtones option.
Is there any cell phone provider who would allow download of Bollywood ringtones and if yes, which phones and provider would do that? Any cost attached?

Going to Best Buy and these places, they suggest buying GSM phone from India and using it here, since those phones have a lot of options and are cheaper.

Are there any stores here in toronto selling such phones since the Canadian stores do not have lot of GSM phone options?

Also any stores here who would unlock the GSM phone for us to be able to use it anywhere?

Looking forward to ur response

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Since this is a duplicate post by you will answer here also.

Sign up with Rogers Wireless. They do offer Desi ringtunes as well as desi caller ring trax,. Mine for example is from Dil Chahta Hai. Rogers is wonderful ( Did i forget to mention i work for them

As far as wireless GSM phone are concerned you can either use GSm phone from India, Middle east etc or even buy from cell phone outlets in Toronto. Plenty of shops by Young street downtown that sell GSm phones. You can also check out Pacific mall in scarborough / markham for good GSM phones.

Rogers / Fido is the only GSM provider in Canada. Actually Rogers bought Fido. I dont know what bad things u have heard but I am quite happy with the service not to mention that i can use my phone overseas.

cant help you much with voice plans and i suggest you go to a Rogers dealer. But yes there is always a cost involvde with ring tunes etc. You could get a free one but subsequent ones involve a charge.

Hope this helps.

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