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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 16-05-07 11:32:24

We (I and my wife) are planning to relocate at Malton. We are living at central Mississauga. I want reviews from CD's who are/were living in Malton or have any kind of tips. What are the +ve and -ve points about living there. How is the neighborhood?

Thanks in adv.

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You can live in Malton if you like the following
- Like living in Punjab
- Like Punjabi lifestyle
- Want a gurudwara nearby
- Want to live sorrounded by Desis only
- If you do not have a car
- etc etc.....

Basically it is a desi ghetto....it is your choice

Non illigitamus carborundum

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This might be your personal opinion after having seen Malton from a distance, but we have been living here for six months and this is what we feel:

1. All the houses in front of our row and all around us have no desis.

2. People here are peaceful and respect each other's individuality

3. There are all kinds of ethnicities and cultures here with Punjabis being only seen more near the Gurdawara

4. we have various Indian grocery & video shops which make us feel at home

5. The connectivity to all of GTA is fantastic

Come visit a school in Malton to have a feel of how beautiful ethnic mix exists in this part of Mississauga!

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Malton- affectionately known as Singhdom.

Like Brampton- affectionately known as 'Browntown'

For both, the affectionate saying is 'You know you are in _______ (fill in Malton or Brampton) when you see more turbans than baseball caps.'

That straight from the Peel region student workshop I attended last Monday.

Also written up in The South Asian Focus and CanIndia.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 16-05-07 22:52:43

Malton is good for newcomers to canada .
when you are new and do not have transport ..connectivity is good to GTA.
There are desi shops close by and accessible...
Birds of same feather flock together ..so to find punjabis in Malton or tamilians in scarborough... list will be endless is very normal in my opinion.but still malton still has a good mix of different ethnicities

I believe to move anywhere i would first check schools in that area and then move there ..that is if i like it.Malton higher sec school does not have a very good reputation so if you have grown up kids then i think mississauga some of the schools are better .
hope that helps

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I am the resident of this community from the day I landed in Canada ( 10 years ago) Had options to live in other parts of GTA but I preferred to live here because of some obvious reasons:

•Central location and close proximity to 427 &407 (both are within 1 km ) makes this community very convenient to commute to and fro any part of the GTA.

•This area is served by TTC, Mississauga and Brampton transit.

•Very quite and peaceful community with almost no crimes.

•If you don’t have car…. than you wont need one to live in this community.. Shopping Mall, Indian Grocery, Doctor’s office, HRDC, Community Center are within walking distance.

•Ample parking space on the streets unlike new communities where you have to think twice before inviting guests. Second CD meeting was arranged in this community and there was not a single problem of parking on the street for almost 50 cars.

•If you want to give your kids a flair of Indian culture at home and in the school than this is the community you want to live in.

•Close proximity to the International Airport and Major industrial area.

•I wont say that it is a Punjabi community ( I am not a Punjabi too) rather it is a multi ethnic community which includes South East Asians, Whites, Orientals, Latinos, Europeans and Blacks.

That was my opinion on MALTON

Dont help others because others have helped you,,,,help others because its the right thing to do!!!


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 17-05-07 09:43:32

Woow, great responses

Yesterday after posting the thread I didn’t get any reply and today when I checked I see the thread is full of replies. It’s really pleasant to get such helpful information.
I am planning to move in Malton or near Malton for example on Derry after August.
My need is one bedroom apartment. It’s good if Indian grocery store is nearby. I am also wondering if any ground level basement or any kind of house is available in this area. I searched renters guide and found

1. 7555 Goreway Drive which is noth of Morning Star Dr. on Goreway
http://www.rentersnews.ca/modules/search/buildingmap.asp?bmap=/content/images/building/467/A5_2438.gif&badd=7555+Goreway+Drive, Mississauga
Which is not an apartment but seems like old town house. I haven’t visited the place yet. Seems they don’t have under ground parking.:confused:

2. I heard about Apartment on Morning Star drive and Gorway intersection.
No idea about this apartment.

Any CD’s living in this area or have knowledge (like RESP is in Malton since long time) please share it. It will be really helpful to me any other CD who refer to this thread.

How are the above place? Any experience?
Which other places can be good for me? (I have stated my requirement in first para)

Many thanks

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