Masala Puri.

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Hello friends,

I crave to eat some masala puri. Anybody has any idea where in GTA do they make and sell it?. Responses are appreciated.


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What is masala puri? Is it gol gappas, pani puri etc?

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Originally posted by febpreet

What is masala puri? Is it gol gappas, pani puri etc?

Masala is potato curry as in Masala Dosa. In south India(especially Tamilnadu) poories are served with potato curry called masala. Well actually they call it boorie and paranthha is called barota.

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Wow! It sounds good. Thanks for clarifying. Learnt something new today :)

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Masala puri is one of the kind available @ paani puri stalls. Its made of crushed puris with hot peas masala curry on top flavored with onions, tomatoes, sev, spicy chutney and sweet and sour chutney garnished with coriander leaves.
I found it offered only in and around bangalore menus(paani puri stalls). I didnt find mumbaikars or other parts acquiring the taste of masala puri. I too am looking for any resturants offering it.

I guess cyberian was talking about channa batura's or poori saagu. They are available @ saravana bhavan / madras palace or any south indian resturants.


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I was there at the Saravana Bhavan at Steels and Hwy 10. (NW corner). I had a belly full, plus a variety of things. I had one for you too. He said that the Buffet is on week days at Noon (Or there about)

Poories or Puries (Buries) It is the same as Battura.
The Potatoes are slightly spiced, with turmeric, green chillies and coriander leaves and their tadka, or the vagar. Some call it Baji. The Guyanese call it the Badgi. I call it delicious and it is mouth watering... Mmmmmmm...

They were all gone now.

You got me started. I got you worked up now..


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I have all the ingredients except the flat crunchy puries and peas masala....drop into our house i will treat you with mouth watering delicious Bengaluru Masala Puri which you get near busy Jaynagar Super Market, MG Road and Commercial St....

one of the Masala Puri lover

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