Any Demand for CISSP's in Canada ?

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 17-10-08 15:08:10

Hi everyone ..

This questions goes specifically for the Information/Network Security people .. I have recently cleared the CISSP exam and wondering if it has any value there ?
Along with CISSP I have also some other certs in Cisco,Juniper,ISO 27001 and 4yrs of exp.

Actually if I search Indian Job sites the demand is less than 100 , but in Canada its more than 500 .. So need to know some ground reality .

I am expecting to get my PR by 2009 . Please suggest if I will be able find something good for myself in Canada.

Would request some honest replies please.

Regards ,


Member since: Aug 05
Posts: 16

Post ID: #PID Posted on: 19-10-08 03:14:53

No takers for this one ... would really appreciate if some one can reply .. !

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There is a demand for CISSP's everywhere on the globe, Canada also has quiet a good base for CISSP's, but the market here is a completely hidden market and if you have a good networking with friends and known people working in the market then you have a good chance of getting a good opening fast after your landing, else you need to build up the repo in the market and that will be taking some good time.

Be ready for facing difficulty to get hold of a job of your field immediately after landing. Take up any job for survival and side by side look for an opening in your line. The purpose for taking up any job means that you will have the so called Canadian Experience, because of the pig headedness of the companies here; they have an excuse that you do not have Canadian Experience.

I am too a Networking/Systems/Servers guy, but did face the same difficulty on getting into my line because of the so called Canadian Experience. The difficult part is these Canadian Companies do not realize that we in India have worked on much more advance systems and have a better understanding of the IT field.

I hope I was able to answer your question, since I did get a good amount of actual experience as a new immigrant here and still is facing big turmoil in job as I got laid off.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 21-10-08 04:26:51

thanks a lot Shailesh for your crisp reply .. this is what I was looking for !!

Yeah this is frustrating about Canada .. first you wait for like 4-5 yrs to get the PR and once you land NO JOBS !! And after struggle of like 2-3 yrs things get better.

I am actually getting strongly inclined towards Australia at this point of time . in their MOD ( Migration Occupation in Demand ) list CISSP is on top . You get the visa in less than a year and also its not COLD like Canada . Although I have already spent like Rs 1lac for Canada ... but for a better life in Australia I am ready to sacrifice it .

Any suggestions ( positive or negative ) of me getting into this decision would be appreciated. Honestly I cannot make an incorrect decision at this point of my life .

so please please help me ...!!!



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