Driver certificate needed !!!

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Hello Cd's,
I took my 10 lessons with a driving instructor in 2004 (belonging to a institute) but did not take my driver certificate lessons nor the certificate. currently as I am unemployed, I have have been advised by my family members to take this to lessen my insurance at a later date when I will buy a car and take insurance / reduce the overall insurance as I am listed as a second driver in a car.
I called up many institutes in Kitchener / waterloo area and all of them told me that I will need to book again for 10 driving lessons as well as the 25 classroom hours for them to issue a certificate. They are quoting $ 380-$540 for this.
I called up the institute in Toronto who gave me driving lessons and they are telling me the same. That I have to take 10 driving lessons as well as 25 classroom hours and are demanding $349 for that.
is there any way (legal) that I can take only the 25 hour lessons and then get my driving certificate. Any inputs from Cd's would be very highly appriciated.

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No need to go for even one hour training.
You can get it from Srilankan/ Indian Driving School instructors from Scarborough area. Address can not be given here. Roam thru Scarborough area and check in the bus stops, so many fliers with phone numbers are available.You can call them and ask for your requirements.


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If you have 4+ yrs of clean driving experience in NA, does the certification course make any difference in insurance? You may want to check with some insurance agent first.

As for the class, they need to keep log of the classes you attended etc. for auditing purposes.

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