How can I get driving experience certificate from Delhi?

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I m coming to Canada on Immigrant visa. I v read here that my driving license is valid for two months and also that if I get at least 12 months driving experience certificate from the licensing authority, I can give road test then and there after my written test.
Here is my story for today. I v been to Janak Puri Authority today. I straight away went in and contacted the person inside the authority's window. I told him the whole story and showed him the passport and visa and told him what I wanted. He took Rs 400 and asked me to write an application in this rigard, which I did. Then he called me after 2pm and when I went again he gave me confirmation of my licence (A plain white A4 paper with printout of details of my driving licence and my photo with Authority's name on Top) with signature of officer (no designation or name with it) with authority Stamp (you know Indian Stamps quality). Attached was a fee receipt of Rs 50 (and I gave Rs 400).
I told him that I do not want details (record of my licence) of my licence instead I need certificate from the authority which says that I do have 12 months of driving experience, but in vain. He said that paper is enough and no one can give the certificate on the authority's letterhead as there is no letterhead.
I think I v wasted my money. Please tell me what to do now. Is that paper enough? And should I get International driver's licence done or my local (All India) licence (issued in 1999) is valid in Canada for two months.

Please guide me. Thanks

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