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Originally posted by adamthorat

My OCI timeline from last year if it helps. PIO should be the same , I guess or maybe even faster than OCI.

These timelines are not the same since BLS took over. A transfer of U-sticker application for a minor submitted on 4-May-2013, was finally received at Toronto on 11-Jul-2013. Add another 2-3 days for stamping.

It took them 5 weeks just to return the originals.

The reason being given by BLS is due to the transition from VFS to BLS, there is a backlog of cases with the Consulate.

Have fun....

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Originally posted by navin2004
I had the same amount of wait time as original poster, even though I went in very early when they open. No one showed up for a long time, then one girl showed up and she took long time to handle each person.

They are not in the banking business where they are looking for new accounts; or Retail business where customer is king.
If you want OCI you have to follow the guidelines, they have to completely verify the details, etc, etc, if you can't then its not their problem. Similarly, those applying for Canadian PR, have to follow whatever shit requirements they have, & people wait several years patiently... & praise they Canadian Govt for efficient work..
Why this double standard..

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I went physically and did not apply by post , hence 4 physical trips as below.

1. First trip , apply with all original docs and application .

They keep the originals , which they send to the embassy for verification.

They give you the Canadian PP back immediately On the spot after verification, but all other originals like landing paper , indian PP etc etc are sent to the embassy.

2. Second trip , to go and collect all the originals , which come back from the embassy after verification, like landing paper, Indian PP etc etc.

3. Third trip, once OCI is approved ..you have to go and submit the Canadian PP again , so that they can stamp the U visa on it.

They don't stick the U visa on it immediately , which is ridiculous. They make you come back again to pick up your Canadian PP with the visa on it and the OCI booklet.

4. Fourth & Final Trip and the ordeal is finally over !!!

You go in to pick up your Canadian PP with the OCI U visa on it and the OCi booklet !


Hope this helps , anyone who is applying physically. Yes 4 physical trips need to be made !

Plus the pickup and drop off points are at different times !

If you go in the morning , you can only apply !

If you go in the evening , you can only pick up !

So make sure you go at the right time , depending upon if you are dropping off or picking up .

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Need clarification on the following extract from the BLS new OCI checklist. Please clarify if any one can:

"In case of un-married/single applicant: Parents record of landing and parents
landed Indian passports are required. If parents have never landed or applied of
Permanent Residence status in Canada need to provide Notarised Affidavit from

"In case applicant is unmarried / Adult: Self signed declaration letter to be

My son will be applying for the OCI very soon. We the parents also had PR but it has expired. We have visited Canada twice during the validity of our PR in between.

What are the implications of our expired PR status on his OCI application and does he need to provide any documents from our side if so which ones exactly.

Grateful for any clarification.

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Please see your other post in another thread.


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