New immigrant renting car in Toronto

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Originally posted by chandresh

You can easily get insurance from rental company directly. In case your existing insurance covers liabilities outside of your country (which I doubt would be the case), you need not buy insurance here.

Unlike what quest has written, it is not necessary that all Gold or Platinum credit cards cover rental car insuarance - it is a myth.

You can drive with your home country driving licence for a period of 90 days in Ontario (I am aware of Ontario only - may be whole of Canada has the same provision).

I thought one can only drive for first 60 days in Ontario .

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Originally posted by sant

Originally posted by AzizTheGult

Thanks to everyone who responded.

I have one more question. I have a 2 year old son. I understand there is a requirement of child car seats for small children. Is this mandatory or optional for rental cars? What if I hire a taxi and want to travel with my child... I can't expect taxis to be equipped with child seats...

Care Seat for children are mandatory in Ontario .

You can rent the car seats also from the rental company, its approx or under $10 a day.


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