Can i give my car to an American to Drive in Toronto

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 17-10-06 15:56:19

Hello Cd's :
My brother is visiting me from USA. In USA he has a valid license and insurance.
He was using a rental car for the past week. Just for tomorrow he needs my car to drive in Toronto. I have insurance just in my name.
Is it legal to give him the car to drive. In case of any at fault accident whose insurance will be affected.
Sorry if this question has been asked before. Just now my brother called me to inform me about him driving my car.
Thanks for all replies.

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I've done the same thing with family members previously. Never even thought about the insurance part.

TK, I think that you're just being overly cautious (Don't get me wrong, I'm not implying it's a bad thing, but sometimes U gotta make a judgement call too). Juts be postive and think nothing will go wrong.

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You can call up your insurance company and see if your brother can be added as a driver. That may work, else liability is yours,unfortunately.
You can be positive, as another CD suggested,or explain that it is risky.

I have faced both situations, when I was asked to give my car, and when I was
out of town and needed a car. My experience was that unless the insurance permitted me to be a driver, the family member either drove me themselves, or suggested I use public transport. I too have done the same when asked, however hard it seems. People have understood, at least that is what they told me.:)

Hope you find the right way. Good luck.

Pramod Chopra   
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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 18-10-06 00:10:51

As far as I think, You can safely let your brother drive your car as he holds a valid US Driver license and also must be holding a valid car insurance policy. Even if he does not have any car insurance policy and some thing goes wrong, your insurance should cover it.

Any ways, you can always give them a call and ask.


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Pasted from

"As the owner of the vehicle, you hold full responsibility for that vehicle and the actions of those who operate it. Simply put, if you give your mother, brother, sister, father, neighbour, cousin, friend etc., permission to drive your car, anything they do to that car (and other cars while in your car) is your responsibility. So if your sister comes over for dinner and borrows the car to drive down to the corner store for more milk and rear-ends another car on the way … it’s your fault. Even though your sister may have her own car and insurance elsewhere, the accident will be charged against your policy. "

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 18-10-06 09:40:28

Thanks to everyone who gave me advice. I did not have the courage to lend him the car with my current financial situation.
I told my brother to rent a car and dropped him off at the airport to get one. The reason that i gave my brother was that i was to go to a site inspection today.

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In my opinion you just can not simply be positive and hope for the best and give the car because accidents do happen and effects are long lasting and can effect your financial situation immensly.

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