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Merry Christmas to all. I'm a landed immigrant of Canada still living outside Canada. I need some information about the driving licence. I'm planning to visit Canada ( Niagara Falls, Ontario) and then come back here after few days. Please advice me....

1., If I go for my driving licence do I need to pay the insurance also even if i'm not going to live there?

2., Do I need to have insurance separately even if i borrow and drive my brothers vehicle for which he will be having insurance obviously?

3., Wat if I drive a rent a car during my stay? Will they charge me separately for Insurance as well?

4., How much will the insurance cost me?



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1. You don't need to buy insurance if you won't own a car.

2. Check if your brother's insurance covers you. Just be aware that if you have an accident your brothers insurance premium will increase. So you might want to consider buying temporary insurance for yourself <<don't know if this exists in Canada though. Maybe buy for six months and cancel after a month or whatever>>

3. Check if your credit card issuer offers car rental insurance and if that is adequate for your needs.

4. Can't be of help here. Check with a broker.

Have a good holiday.


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Considering your situation the best option would be a rental. Check the link about how much it is going to cost. Normally insurance would cost about $ 25 per day apart from the rentals.
However some credit cards do cover you for the rental insurance. Check with your credit card provider if they have such an option.
In case your brother has a credit card which provides for rental car insurance, then he can book a rental and add you as an additional driver, normally this would be an additional charge of $ 5 - $ 10 per day.
All the best on your trip.

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Just a word of caution... Most of the credit cards cover collision and damage only. In other words, no liability. Should confirm this.
Also before you rent a car (in US or Canada), check with your personal insurance company. If you have full coverage on your vehicles, chances are you are covered on rental vehicles as well. Just need to confirm with your insurance company. In other words, you can decline insurance from rental companies.

Sorry to digress...but thought this info might just help some CD's.

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