Refulsal letter ,Urgent help required from your side ,sir Today I received

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 14-05-12 05:25:52

Did they(CIC) not mention earlier during your Application which documents you were expected to provide ? Did you not feel the need to consult others as to which are the correct documents that you should provide ....

For eg If you have to provide your relationship to your parents then providing their marriage certificate does not prove that you are their child . However a birth certificate or a passport where parents name s mentioned might do that ..

I am afraid if they have refused the case - a decision appears to have been made . You should write / fax to them that you can send additional document which can establish your relationship to your uncle ..... However if they do not accept any document now , you might need to appeal the decision through a lawyer .


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 15-05-12 00:23:19

So any one can help me for best lawyer and If I write letter it will work or just lawyer is the only way to communicate with them.

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It depends on wording of the refusal letter, if it clearly states that they are closing your file and you can reapply - you need to file up fresh application or hire a lawyer to challenge the refusal. In case the wording does not include the closure, then you can send the documents with a covering letter quoting the refusal and requesting for considering the fresh documents.

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Don't want to appear critical, but based on the communication skills that you have demonstrated in this thread, you should seriously consider a lawyer to communicate with CIC on your behalf.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 15-05-12 14:22:02

Also , please be sure if you only failing becoz of the relationship factor ..If there are any other factors also viz English Test score / IELTS , please bear that also in mind that you might need to focus on more than one places per the reasons given in the refusal letter ....

Isn't IELTS pass score mandatory for immigraton ?


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