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We are moving to waterloo with family in Nov. Looking forward to meet indians in Waterloo. Is any Indians there in this forum from Waterloo Kitchener?

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I used to be in Waterloo some 5 years back. Some CD's are from waterloo (I am refraining from naming them as I donot have their permission to reveal their names).
What do you want to know about Waterloo? Where are you moving from.
It a predominantly a university town with most locals being white / mormon.
You can walk to villages from Waterloo and hence it is at the end of the mordern world.
Technology companies also abund there like RIM, Open source etc...

Murali The Krishna

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Originally posted by tamilkuravan
It a predominantly a university town with most locals being white / mormon.

Mennonite, not Mormon :D

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Thanks for the reply. We started looking for IT jobs, schools and rentals. IT jobs seem less. is it so? or is it just that there are hidden openings and nothing is coming out in portals? we are confused. Schools many are there, but we had a look at the rankings and see that out of the few top ranking non catholic schools, like Laurel wood, there are no rental apts in that boundary. Actually we are facing it difficult to search for rentals concerning to a school's boundary. we saw a site school finder - in which we have to give each and every apartment address to find out the schools in that boundary. Is there any site which can give us info on what are the areas in a school boundary and whether apartments are available? How is French in schools? How is the method of teaching in School? I saw some school websites that talk about Pizza lunches. Here in bangalore, we are in an alternate school, where in junk foods are strictly prohibited and they take children more in a holistic way towards food and education. Is there any school there which is in this path? Are the canadian kids friendly enough with indian kids?
Sorry too many questions. We have been just browsing for answers and couldnt find much. All I see in net is worrisome accounts of highly educated people taking odd jobs for survival, which makes me to think whether we are in right direction.
Please advise.

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Job market is not very robust right now in KW area. I do not know how much it has to do with the fate of RIM but it could be related.

About school search, some areas do not have that many apartments or there may be no vacancy, so you may have to go about renting a house instead.

Pizza lunches, it is optional and you have to pay for it. It is usually only one day a week. You can educate your children about junk food and send them home cooked lunch instead.

There are private schools in the area where you need to pay. That is up to you if you can afford it, etc.

Nobody is going to hand you a job just because you are highly educated. What you see on the net is correct regarding highly educated people taking odd jobs. On the other side of the coin, there are also highly educated immigrants who are in good positions.

I have seen quite a few people frequenting Charcha when they are in the struggle phase of establishing in this country. Once they get a job and get settled they will just stop visiting or posting here. So no wonder there would be more horror stories on net than success stories, but that being said do not discount getting a job and job search.

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No worries about schools. Actually Waterloo has a decent crowd and so any school is OK. There is a particular community which deals with drugs and guns and violence in Canada but that community is very negligible in Waterloo and hence it is a very decent town. So just go ahead and put your children in any school.
I used to live in Belmont Avenue and the school near by was very good. Belmont Ave. has condo's (which is occupied by whites) which is safe and has Gym, Sauna etc.. Rent is very nominal (around $ 850 for a 2 bed apartment). This is at Waterloo- Kitchener intersection. Kitchener is a little bit unsafe, esp near the shopping centre but newer areas in waterloo is very good.,
Donot worry about accomodation or the life. It will be good and slow.
Flip side is jobs which are very much limited and they mostly give employment to Gora's only.
I will tell you a story about myself. I was on EI for 1 year in waterloo (after my Toronto employer) fired me in Feb 2009. In Jan 2010, I moved to Mississauga for better oppertunities and in Feb 2010, I got a job (decent paying) in Waterloo. Timing was 7:00 am to 5:30 pm (Time card job). So I used to leave Mississauga at 6 am and come to Waterloo at 7:00 am and then reach Mississauga at 7:00 pm. After shopping at Walmart, used to reach home at 7:45 pm. I got tired of the commute and hence when I got a job in Toronto after 6 months, I resigned. They were sad to see me go.

Murali The Krishna.

I am a Gents and not a Ladies.

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Thanks TK. saw that belmonte has apts and condos. for kisa to get along and play whic one is besr?

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