Way to earn extra money at Univ. of Waterloo, Waterloo

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Hello CD's,
When I used to be in Canada, I used to work in Kitchener for some time. I used to commute daily from Mississauga.
After work, I used to be free and available for extra work for extra income, esp. to buy toonie tuesday from KFC to eat. Therefore I used to go to all the universities in Waterloo / Kitchener and see the notice boards of various departments to see if they had any jobs for side income.
I have thus worked in U. of waterloo and Connestoga college. Small money but some source of income for the extra need.

I have today got a mail, saying that u. of waterloo Anxiety studies dept. need volunteers for their studies. They generally pay atleast $ 20 an hour for your work. In the past, in the Gambling dept. I have got $ 30 an hour.

They do the studies as per your free time. Sometimes snacks like buscuits are served, apart from the fee. T4 slips will be provided at the end of the year.

This is the link . https://uwaterloo.ca/anxiety-studies/research/current-studies

All the best.


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Ignore the days, when you used to live in Canada. Now things have changed, people are overburdened with huge mortgage debt, & negligible job security. Excluding a few IT guys, everyone else is in for a tough rude.
A low interest opportunity was (is) wasted in taking on more debt. It should have been used to pay down existing debt, but it human nature "greed is always the motive in making decisions".

A tough recession is already there, Govt may not declare, as technical data takes time to show up. But its clearly visible..

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