Tips in preparing a CV & Cover Letter

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 23-09-15 09:50:49

I am preparing a CV and cover letter to a company in Canada that I am applying to. I'm a bit not sure about what to focus on because it is first occasion that I apply for job in Canada. Any tips that someone may offer?

Thank you!

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If you are looking for format commonly used in Canada, you may look up on the web and get tons of information. Unlike in certain countries, a photograph, age, or any other personal/private need not be included. In general, a chronological resume would carry your name, address, contact email / phone, your headline/competency, experience starting with the most recent, and finally education, and other skills.

If you within 7 or 8 years of experience, a 1 page resume would do, if not, no more than 2 pages.


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What position are you applying for?

A cv must be crisp. Avoid too many adjectives to describe yourself😊

So, a good resume format would have your personal information in the header - so that you are not eating into the page space. No fancy large fonts, please.

A brief 2-3 line paragraph about yourself and what you seek. You can use the adjectives here. A box with bullet points looks good here.

When you state your experience - mention the website address of the company if it is not very well known. A one line introduction about what the company was into. And then what were your responsibilities - specifically what was your achievement. Eg. Grew the active client base from 15 to 60 in 2yrs leading to a revenue growth of 27%. Quantification of achievement is very very important.

Make a specific mention of any awards you may have received in your work.


A good idea is to ask Google God for sample cvs in designation of application/industry.

A covering letter is passé in my opinion - just a one line stating your application for advertised / vacant position is enough. Avoid - humble - esteemed - kind of language.

All the best!

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Is it just me who is finding the site much more pleasant to visit without some trolls !

I am tempted to start a poll soon .

P.S: OP please subscribe to . I get very helpful newsletter from them periodically .

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Originally posted by AshwaniG

Is it just me who is finding the site much more pleasant to visit without some trolls !

When mods takes over rein to control gangism, it's always pleasant. Everybody is so disciplined. love it. :)

Revenge can be bitter sweet, but if u sit back and watch, KARMA can be pure entertainment.:)

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If you have landed, you can contact any of newcomer centers. They can help you prepare your resume and I think you can get some good pointers from them as well.

If you have not landed, google as others suggested.

Since almost everyone chooses to land in GTA, here are the links:

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Originally posted by AshwaniG
Is it just me who is finding the site much more pleasant to visit without some trolls !

True. With the mods disciplining , the site is cleaner. ( But the entertainment is missing ;) )...However it is more meaningful and hopefully stays that way.

Thanks Mods :cheers:


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