Remitly offers far better exchange rate than ICICI and SBI

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I just wanted to narrate my recent experience of transferring money to India and how dealing with Remitly was a breath of fresh air as compared to ICICI Bank Canada.

ICICI locks your account if you don't login for 3 months and it can be reactivated only by calling them. They walk you through a process and tell you that it will be active in 30 minutes. So inconvenient!

Moreover their call center agents are so unprofessional. When I asked a Toronto agent to connect me to his manager, he played a joke on me by transferring me to his female colleague and she kept telling me that she was not able to hear me.

I was so upset, I started looking at alternatives. SBI is no better alternative either and needed an account with them.

Then I found The process was so smooth that within 10 minutes I finished the transfer; I got an exchange rate two rupees higher than what ICICI and SBI were offering ; I didn't have to open an account; and got prompt follow up service.

I will never use ICICI Canada for anything ever. What a a bunch of unprofessional jokers!

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They are good

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Remitly is the best money transfer app to other banks like SBI, ICICI, and Axis. Send money online to India from Canada with fast speed, and Great exchange rates.

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