Initial Assesment from Buffalo office

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Initial Assesment from Buffalo office

yesterday i got a letter from Buffallo for my application of PR in Nov-Dec 2003. They ask me for Medical test and No record certificate(PCC). Also Current Employement Record.

Can any one pls tell me how long it will take once i submit all this requirements with medical test. Do i need to send the Landing fees at the same time with the required documents to save time for processing.

One more thing i want to know that No Record Certificate from original country. does it mean that i need PCC from india only but i never been back to india since July 2002 and living in canada since that time. Do i also need PCC from canada police too..i m little bit confuse here.

Pls guide me..........
waiting for your replies
sandip shah

Post ID: 2185012-08-04 08:32:35

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