Airport tests new flight procedures over Brampton

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People of Brampton - if in case you have missed this and are concerned then at the end of Article there is a number to call.

Airport tests new flight procedures over Brampton

The Brampton Guardian
Sunday May 4 2008
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Email this article BRAMPTON - The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) has given airline operators clearance to initiate short turn procedures for smaller aircraft when departing from Pearson Airport.
As such, the committee that keeps tabs on noise complaints originating from Canada's largest airport is asking Brampton residents to let them know if noise levels resulting from the new procedures-- regional jets and smaller prop planes turn earlier from runway heading-- are annoying or bothersome.

"Most areas of Brampton, particularly the south west and central residential areas have been experiencing low overhead flights lately, especially with jet air craft, because of this trial procedure," said Richard Poersch who represents Brampton on the GTAA Noise Management committee. "The committee members will then have an opportunity to gauge the impact of these operations as a local noise factor."

Poersch said the committee will be assessing the impact these short turn procedures have on the public. Anyone with a complaint is encouraged to call 416-776-4556

Mumbai Maazi Ladki ...

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I think I read the news recently, after getting lots of complaints they already stopped using short turns.

Dont help others because others have helped you,,,,help others because its the right thing to do!!!

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