What's up with Vancouver desi community ???

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 25-10-09 04:10:28

Hi all

Looking at the moderate climate and beautiful surroundings of Vancouver, I almost decided on that city as my target destination (and yes, voted third best in the World).

BUT, somehow Vancouver desi 'log' do not seem to be adequately participating in this forum (except may be morning-rain). Look at housing classifieds for example. ALL ads are from GTA, no exception.

Q1: Why is it that desi community from Vancouver is not participating here? Why nobdoy, I mean nobody, from Vancouver has posted a 'housing classified' advert?

Q2: In this forum I could locate so many GTA guest houses suitable for new immigrants. Can someone give similar info about Vancouver?

Q3. Can someone post links for info about desi communities/activities in Vanc (apart from those easily available from google.ca).

Thanks in advance

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 25-10-09 15:05:27

I agree with you. However, considering majority (approx. 95%) of the immigrants only land in Toronto, it's not uncommon to see very few people from other provinces and for that matter any issues/resources related to immigrants living in other provinces. I feel the same and even after spending 4 years in Vancouver still like Toronto for this fact.

Please also consider that immigrants in BC have been living here for the last 100 years or so. Indian people first landed on the shore of BC about 90-100 years ago. So, they are more or less 3rd, 4th generation Canadians and often care less about the issues pertain to the new immigrants. Assimilating new immigrants among the veterans is also a big problem here within the same Indian community.

Also, when most of the people are based in Ontario, it's not uncommon to see the immigrant resources listed for that province only. Hopefully, this must have answered your first few questions. Nevertheless, let me answer some of your questions below:

Q1. The answer lies above. Indian people immigrate mostly in GTA so you may not find much housing resources for Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, etc. However, YMCA is for one that I know of http://www.vanymca.org/cs/index.html for housing. Other people from Vancouver might provide you with more.

Q2. For short term rentals and housing you might find following listings helpful:


Here are some of the shared and temporary accommodations that you can also have a look at:


Q3. Go to http://www.meetup.com" rel="nofollow">LINK and you will find some Indian groups and meetups that you can join and meet likeminded people/immigrants from India:


Hope this post helped you some way or the other. I am sure you will find Vancouver and BC beautiful and with a much more moderate climate.

Good luck for your endeavors here in Vancouver :)

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 27-10-09 00:16:22


Thanks for your detailed reply. I had a look at the links that you posted.

I still think that Vacouver desis should use this forum more actively.

Bye and take care.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 09-08-13 13:43:05

I recently moved from GTA (well Milton ontario) to Surrey, BC. Can't find any decent forums for this region. Hopefully there is an active Vancouver/Surrey community here that can help answer some questions .. like hte ones below

- Any suggestions/tips on looking for a small temporary apartment (before I get a home) .. small, economical BUT CLEAN AND SAFE and preferably near skyline.

- Any nice Surrey area forums .. desi or not ..does not matter.

- Any place to play drop in soccer for adults (I have to get my priorities right)

- Know of any good shipping company to move house hold stuff from Ontario to BC.

http://www.southasiancircle.com" target="_blank">www.SouthAsianCircle.com

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 09-08-13 14:44:02

Hello Shrek,

I love Milton, and if ever moved to GTA (Well, last year I almost did - long story), would've ended up there. Anyway.

- I would recommend you to look at these communities/neighborhoods in a close proximity to the Skytrain:
Joyce/Colllingwood - Vancouver
Metrotown, Burnaby
Edmonds, Burnaby
22nd Street Station, New Westminster
New Westminster
Brentwood, Burnaby
Gilmore, Burnaby
The above are a good communities having an abundance of Condominiums. Try some rental websites for some information on the Rent et all.

- I haven't found any Surrey specific 'good' forum to date. Most of the existing ones are already a critic (unjustified) of Surrey as the city's having a bad name in Lower Mainland, only because of one small neighborhood (look up for 'Whalley'). A typical case of 'Eik Macchali - one dirty fish in the water'. So, in any Vancouver forum, you will not find any favourable opinions of Surrey. Despite of having a good number of high-end, posh, and scenic neighborhoods, and a largest city in lower mainland. I alongwith all my friends and acquintances live here and are quite happy about it - no complaints. Well, to be honest, I couldn't afford anywhere else in the lower mainland ;).

You can try these:

- Not aware of any drop in soccer clubs. There could be few, I am sure. Google with the keyword: soccer clubs in surrey bc.

- Last year, I got my Car shipped from Toronto to BC using Hansen's shipping. I was quite satisfied with the service and the overall move. One of my friends recommended me to this. Here's their site: http://www.lhf.com/

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 09-08-13 15:26:33

Thanks febpreet. I already shipped by car using Hansen (hopefully will get here in 2-3 weeks). Any recos on companies who move furniture/belongings.

I was going to use http://www.vegalinemoving.com/ but they have serious -ve feedback though they are very economical.

Couldnt find any forums on vancouverdesi.

http://www.southasiancircle.com" target="_blank">www.SouthAsianCircle.com

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