g2 road test in orangeville

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hi,i m going to have my road test in orangeville on march 10th,i really need to know their route,and how is it the test bcoz my first road test was cancelled without any reason in brampton,just that guy who was taking test get botherd bcoz my instructer went out of car and closed the door as i doono he was expecting to let him cum anyways after a long wait of strike and than standing in freezing cold to have test date,they jusst dont care.

ne ways plzz help me to know the driving route and wat they want u to do there i really need this license,,thanks in advance

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Orangeville is a cake walk for a drive test location, ask your instructor to show you the route (normally they do that on the day of the test) just take it easy and you will clear your test. Orangeville is a sure bet.

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