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I applied for PENG LICENSE to PEO 3 months back and after submitting all the required documents from my side today I received a letter in which they mentioned following things:-

1) the ARC has assigned me a Confirmatory Examination Program( the exam program consists of three technical exams in the engineering discipline and one non-technical (complementary studies) exam.

they also mentioned that ARC has recommended my file to ERC( experience requirement committee) to access if my engineering experience provides any basis for recommending waiving my CEP(Confirmatory Examination Program).

and also aware me that ERC will take my interview.

In the end they also mentioned applicants like me whose files are referred to ERC may elect to begin the CEP,and if I choose to start writing exam ,I will no longer have the option to attend an ERC interview.

NOW GUYS EVERYTHING SOUNDS ME VERY CONFUSING...Could anyone pls help me to understand whole process step by step.( 1st question)

I have Five year mixed work experience ( engineering and non-engineering ) from INDIA.

If ARC consider only 2 year of mine as engineering work exp. what should be my next step??(will ARC send me any report ???)( 2nd question).

And when I have to give the PPE ( after matching required work exp. or before it))??( 3RD Question).

Will hope for the positive and prompt reply.

Thanks in advance.

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Please advise the status of your PEO application.
Can you please email me back

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