PEO interview fail? what next ?

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 09-05-12 23:27:22

what's the procedure to apply for peng when you are still in abroad.or is it mandatory that you have to apply only after landing in canada?
Also i want to know the how the interview procedure would be?
Please suggest me the steps or information that i need to i will start preparing those when i am still in abroad.


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To apply for P.Eng. you should be one oh these:
Citizen of Canada
PR in Canada
or your file is under review.
You need to provide proof with your application.
Go to P.Eng. website and download the application form for a P.Eng. The form explains everything.
You choose if you want to go for interview or give exams. In interview a panel consisting of engineers, professors asks you questions related to your experience.

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Hello Everyone..!!!!

I request all to share your ERC interview experience. I am basically looking for info on following aspects:
- Interview Duration
- No. of Experience summaries Covered
- Did interviewer ask questions on Work Experience Summary other than the ones or twos you prepared?
- Difficulty Level of interview - the questions were basic or in-depth detailed ones?
- Should I concentrate more on the equation / numbers or should I more concentrate on the overall engineering process / principle ?

I would appreciate your efforts if you could share your experience please.

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Interview option is given just once. Now there is no way out other that writing the exams. I also passed through the same and now almost half way through. I have cleared two exams, and plan to sit in the rest two this summer.

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