Preparation of application for P.Eng License

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Hi all,
Can anyone tell me about the preparation of application for P.Eng license. I have gone through the website and stuck up at one point i.e., the presentation of experience. I think we should cover 4 points like social implication of the work done by us, engineering theory etc etc as mentioned in the application.

My question is whether the license issuing body is so particular about that? I have 12 years of experience in a MNC and a post graduate degree (M.Tech) from REC. I have send my transcripts to CCPE and they recognised my Degree. Ofcourse that is valid for Immigration purpose only. However, is it an added advantage while applying for P.Eng license.
Also, I heard that they are waiving of the exams and directly calling for an interview for those who are having a P.G and more than 5 years experience. Is it true?

I think Mr Chandresh can guide well

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The PEO is very particular about the Application of Engineering Theory, others are not so important. they want to see how you have utilized your engineering skills in your experience.
CCPE's approval is of no use to PEO, they have their own database to match the universities degrees.
For candidates with more than 10 years of foreign experience (not five)and P.G. are eligible for waiving of exams provided they pass the experience committee interview.

Sunil Sharma, P.Eng.

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