Certification in insurance field

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 24-12-11 09:03:15

You actually made me a bit NOSTALGIC, ha ha.

One day, I am thinking to open all my old POSTS and read them again. I also remember 2 of my posts, which had more than 10K views "I am not coming to Canada", ha ha, followed by "I am coming to Canada". These are great memories.

I am very much in the same field, I deamt of. I used to be in the same sector back home and just merged myself with CANADIAN insurance sector. It's been fun working and very satisfying. I also added Real Estate recently and doing just FINE.

RIBO will be for Home, Auto and other commericial insurance products. For Life and Health, you can start LLQP. I do not know the process now, but in 2005, when I did, there were 2 exams to be passed.

If you are determined, just go for it. There are TONS of people doing this business and the RADIO talks about this every minute. Take that as a PLUS of the industry. Where there is COMPETITION, your chance of SUCCESS is more since its "ALL ABOUT YOU". How you penetrate and establish yourself. Few SIMPLE MANTRAS I havee been following are "CREATE YOUR NAME (its about winning confidence and TRUST)", GIVE THE BEST AFTER SALE SUPPORT. Be in touch with your clients all the times and the most important of all is "COMPLIANCE" with HONESTY.

Hope this helps!!



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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 25-12-11 03:16:09

Hi VJ,

Your response is truly inspiring and motivating & gives me the kick to make the move.

Just wanted to know if I can write these exams directly or I will need to join some institute.

Can I prepare for these exams from here before coming to Canada. I will be coming to Canada sometime in March for 10 days; and finally around Aug/Sept next year.

Will it be possible for me to write at least one of the exams in March.

Appreciate your inputs.



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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 31-03-12 06:07:27

Hi VJ,

waiting for your response dear.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 17-11-12 07:23:14

Hi VJ,
I passed my RIBO exam.
Now I am looking forward to begin my working life in P & C Insurance industry.
Can you pl suggest any brokerage that can sponsor me initially.
I am also pursuing CIP and will be writing my first exam on 4th December.
Appreciate your reply.
Vineet Gupta

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