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Hello :

Q1 Need suggestions as to what to check during PDI - predelivery inspection when buying a new house from a builder, I have looked on net and have check list but if anyone wants to share any personal experience...

Q2 Also is it recommended to take a home inspector now or after a year or both times ?


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I bought a new house .

Luckily during the PDI there were only minor issues about 10 of them . I got them in writing & they fixed them in about 3 weeks time, after I moved in.

Were just small issues , like the Patio door not locking properly. Improper varnish/stain on some part of the stairs etc.

A few chips & bruises , here & there. Luckily there was no major structural damages etc. The builder was pretty good about it. it was GREAT GULF homes.

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Aashu did you opt for 200 Amp service or 100 amps . If it is former make sure that it is 200 Amps as many builders tend to make mistake and buyers don't realize till its too late .
PDI can help you getting deficiencies fixed without filing Tarion warranty .
These are some check that you should do :
1. Cabinets not chipped
2. Granite not chipped
3. All the dry walls are well sanded and don't have any sags
4. Paint is uniform .
5. Appliances are in working condition .
6. Windows and doors are closing easily .
7. No leaks from any plumbing .
8. Turn on all electrical switches and make sure they are working . You can get a specialized tool for checking all electrical outlets to make sure grounding , live and neutral are in correct place . ( i can land you tool )
9. All your Add On's are installed as paid .
10 . Water Heater and heating working well .

I may add more as I recall .

Growing Old Is Mandatory ..Growing UP is Optional

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Thanks !

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Where was I when you thought about buying your NEW HOME? I was right behind you and only if you had just turned to look for me, you could have touched me. SO close! and how come you did not see me? It is the excitement of buying your New Home, that made you so ecstatic, you forgot where you were!

It is O.K. Now that you are happy and just want to get in, carry on as before and see if you have a good home that you were looking for. I know it is a good one. Now some one will have to tell you if it is good, better or a great one.

Just the same, start reading from the first line of this link. It may be too small, so click on the + sign in the link. It will make it large enough for you to read without your glasses. Then, go through each chapter till the end. You now know what your home is and how you got there. Now take a minute and see if it is all O.K. and if you need an inspection, then call for one and get a written report too. Remember that these guys are sleuths and will do the right thing for you and take care of your interests. They also know that these builders are a good bunch of guys, so they will respect them too. So, if all of these are O.K. and you are happy too, why do we need these inspections?. These so called builders are only so so, and they give most of the work to a SUB Contractor, and hope the heck they will do it well. Some of them do and some of them don't. So, there will be boo-boos, as a few of them know shortcuts and they are the "Duffers". So, you have to be smart before you take over and this is your last chance. Also put it in writing.

Even then, some of the houses take a few years to settle down. So, you still have a few more days after that to check for leaks and cracks etc.,. Ask the inspector, if he will come back and do a second check, before the year gets over to provide you with a supplementary report.


TARION..: Sounds familiar aren't they? : http://www.tarion.com/About-Tarion/Pages/Who-We-Are-and-What-We-Do.aspx


Please remember to get a copy of the PDI list and the New Home Warranty Certificate from the builder’s representative. You must have both documents, before your interim occupancy can take place. Good luck with your PDI! Make a photocopy of the New Owner's Certificate and put it into a see through Zip Lock bag and (staple) stick it to the Power Panel, in the basement.

Enjoy your NEW HOME and now you are the Queen in your own castle!

My hats off to you.


A kid born in Canada goes through three homes before he settles down into one that he always wanted to have. Hence, there is always a buyer and also a seller that wants to make a move. Say if you were living in a home worth 200K and now are settling down in one worth 600K, then there is a 400K difference. The RE always has a cost as and when it changes hands. It is a 5% on the difference and when you take it to the final sale of say 1Mil., you will know that the 20K commissions, spread over 40-45 years (from the age of 20 to 65, at which time you want to retire and DOWNSIZE,) your money which doubles every TEN years, conservatively, you should derive at the least 320K as capital gains, or close to One Mil when you retire. Don't forget you also paid the city taxes too and should get back a very miniscule portion of that too, to justify living in a very good house. Just my tuppence. Hence I want to call you a Millionaire!! (Prospective one.) fh.


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Thanks fh but why a link to duffer ???

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Just in case. Lot of us know the term. I also watch the shows Holmes on Homes. Makes me laugh.


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