Best time to move from Schooling Point of view

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 18-08-05 05:35:05

Hi, all CD's

We received medical papers and confused about when to move to Canada.

My son is studying in IX std in India with CBSE syllabus. Our ultimate aim is to send him for Medicine study in Canada.

Is it advantageous to study in Canada from IX std to get admitted to Medicine? From some websites, I found subjects selection from IX std in Canada where as in India there is no choice upto X std ( Except languages )

Otherwise, we would like to land and return back and stay in India for about three years before finally moving back to Canada permanently.

Could anyone suggest best option?


Socratic Wisdom   
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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 21-08-05 18:20:35

Universities prefer students who have graduated from Canada. If you graduate from Canada you might have a better chance of getting into their Universities because it is hard to convert the scores from India to fit the Canadian scale. Also by graduating from Canada you will complete their most important requirement which is English.

You can always call the University of your preference and seek their advice.

Schools are always easier to convince than Universities.

Just a thought

I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 24-08-05 04:31:01

Hi SW,

Thanks for your information.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 24-08-05 07:56:50

It would depend on your family situation.

Both options are good.
It is good to study IX,X,XI,XII from one school.
If you are moving to Canada, will settle there, have the means to support yourself- then- moving now could be a positive move.

If you feel income source in Canada would be doubtful, are well adjusted to continue in India till XII, it would be better to land, go back, finish XII and come again. But that will be 4 years. You can only live 3 years out of Canada without losing PR. If your son can remain in a hostel or with grand parents in XII, that problem is also not there.

But, togetherness of family is very important at this stage of growth of child. Do not forget it in calculations.

In final analysis, you are the best judge.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 24-08-05 12:42:54

If your final destination is Canada, I would say, bring your children to Canada for high school. That will prepare them for the undergraduate studies well.I have put 2 kids in High School in the US. Elder one joined 12th Grade. But, it was hard. Found it difficult to adjust a lot in a new environment. Had to write TOEFL, had to prepare for SAT within months, adjust to cultural differences, new country, etc, etc.But managed very well.The second one started 9th. And has been doing really good too.Was able to understand the system well and make decisions as to what to do further in College.
Again, it depends on your financial situation.But, the best thing , for the kids,will be to study the entire high school here.
Good luck!
PS: Once they are 16 they can work too to support their education.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 24-08-05 13:45:38

\"LD\" and \"Hope\" Thanks for your valuable advices. I explain more about our situation.

My son studied upto VIII std in middle east. We moved to India this year for children studies. My husband is still working in Gulf and he is well setlled in his job.

Since he has been working in Gulf for long time, we have reasonable savings. He wants to get Provisional P.Eng License before moving to Canada to avoid doing odd jobs. He just started the license process and hopes to get it in a year or two depending on the subjects, PEO assigns to pass.

We have two options:

I stay with children after landing in Toronto and my husband goes back to continue his service in Gulf. He moves to Canada after getting provisional license.

1. It may help my daughter in securing medical seat - Fellow CD's to confirm.

1. Putting ourself in unknown problems, associted with staying alone in new place and unfamiliar culture.

2. Huge expenses for our stay in Toronto compared to the expenses in India

Option 2.

We return back to India after landing and my husand continue working in the Gulf till he gets his provisional license. Then we all move to Canada permanantly.

I request all CD's to suggest the best option.

Thanks in advance.

- Usha

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 25-08-05 01:46:19

Hi Usha Rani,
Do whatever you feel good for you. Our family has the policy of "Never Quit".
We do not consider anything as a problem, but consider it as a situation.
I do not think it is a problem to stay alone with somewhat grown up kids.
When you come to Canada, you can not expect to get a job on Day 2 of landing. Mentally prepare yourself to spend from your pocket for the first six months. In that way, you will feel happy if you get a job soon. There is nothing to despair. Just because Canada did not workout for someone, it does not mean you and your family are not going to be successful.Definitely your children's future will be bright. You never know, you may get a job even before your husband gets one. Stay positive.Do not take any decisions just because someone says something. At the same time do not worry too much.No one knows what is going to happen tomorrow.You have to decide for yourself.
By the way, where are you in India?


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