Best time to move from Schooling Point of view

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Originally posted by paramhams03

Hi Mr.Rajuu,

Assuming that the student wants to proceed with doing medicals in Canada ,will he be required to take science subjects in Class ELEVEN.

- erra

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My apologies for late response. My observations are

1. All children have to under go some assessment at designated centers, based on which they will be given admission. The school will inform you the details of these centers.

2. As per our experience the assessment is for math and English
3. Suppose the boy/girl from India after completion of grade 10 is found good in math and not so good in English as per the assessment , he/she still may be admitted to grade 11 and will be asked to study grade 10 English simultaneously. May be asked to repeat entire grade 10 if not good in both Math and English or one of them.

4. Here ,all subjects are again classified into university level or college level .If one wants to go to university after grade12 he needs to study courses of university level. If one wants to study a diploma course (in a college) college level course in that subject is enough. College course levels are less tough than the university level courses of the same subject at 12th grade.
5. Students will have to choose the subjects (pre requisites) in secondary school for continuity in University. The pre requisites vary for different university programs. Every school will have councilors to guide the students regarding what subjects are necessary for their intended university program in later years. So there will be a good planning if one studies here from 11th onwards .
6. Medical education is not after secondary education. It is after first degree. That means one has to study 3-4 year degree before admitting in to Med school. Usually they study B.Sc health/ life sciences. One can study even after engineering provided he takes some courses (pre requisites). All have to go thru a common entrance test, a really tough one. Mcmaster directly admits their students in to medicine after their bachelor degree .However as told by my son, all students now entering will have to go thru the entrance test after three years because they are scrapping the present system in a couple of years.
7. A Canadian medical student is much more matured person than his counterpart in India .I know students work voluntarily in hospitals from their secondary schooling level to pursue medical education after four years.
8. Education is a more practical thing even at secondary school.

Originally posted by paramhams03

Hi Mr.Rajuu,

I am also in a somewhat similar situation as Mrs.Usharani.My son is in class ten right now and is likely to complete in June. I am planning to move sometime in June and planning to get my son admitted for the eleventh in Canada. Are the years eleventh and twelfth called the Bridge Course in Canada.

What in general are the formalities to get your child admitted for the eleventh standard. Could you kindly enlighten me?

Is an entrance test mandatory for the child in subjects such as Maths and English?

Assuming that the student wants to proceed with doing medicals in Canada ,will he be required to take science subjects in Class ELEVEN.

What is generally the profile of the school students? How do our children in general cope up with the local school conditions and what are the problems if any they face?

Thanks for your response

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Hello Usha

pls chk yr cd mail. which part of the gulf is yr husband working....


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