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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 26-08-06 01:10:43

phones bought under any package deal are preprogrammed to use only with that carrier. Hence even if you chose to change the SIM card it will not work with other carriers SIM cards.

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Hi ,

1. I have borrowed a cell phone from a friend which had Rogers card and displays Rogers when powered on .

2. I wish to use a Fido package with this phone w/o getting it unlocked .

3. Will it work or not ?


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 01-09-06 21:03:29

Ok I found that upon putting a Fido sim in this phone it gave the message - Wrong Card meaning that the phone was locked .

I checked out a guy behind Bridlewood Mall who unlocks cell phones for $10 in a minute . His contact details are :

PHONE: (416) 845-3292


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Previously i used a Motorola phone (supplied by rogers) on contract. Since the battery was defective, I got another phone from them for $50. This was a Nokia. Now i am no more in their plan and i have thrown the NOKIA out (Since it does not have a SIM provision).
Also now I have changed the battery of the motorolla phone but the phone is locked. I have tried 2 or 3 people who unlock phones but they have said that it is not possible to unlock it.
Unfortunately, due to emergency purposes, I need a phone by this weekend. I plan to buy a 2 nd. hand phone, put a FIDO SIM and use a $10 prepaid card / month.
Can anyone tell me where i can purchase this at an affordable rate (Read : Cheap rate).
This posting is most urgent. Thanks for any replies.

Afternote : I visited Craiglist.Toronto and found many 2nd. hand/ new cellphones from $40-$125. I am gonna try them this weekend. I need your ideas to get economical (Read : Cheap) SIM card and FIOD prepaid cards.
Afternote 2 : Thanks Meerut for the info.. Will try them tomorrow. This is near where i live.
Afternote 3 : Thanks SS for the Tip. I visited the website but it looks it is all new ones. The cheapest (read : lowest) price is from Tiger for $150. In Craiglist, I saw the cellphone for $40 (used). i will buy that. As you has mentioned earlier, Even E-Bay has good deals but i have no time today in my office to browse and find good deals.Thanks for all your help.

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There is a place between 427 and kipling on dundas tel # 416 231 0900 they unlock gsm phones. If the phone is locked with a particular carrier and if you put a sim card of another it will say enter subsidy password. Even if the sim card is not active the phone will turn on and menu can be opened.

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Did you try You'll find cheap fone and FIDO SIMS, but probably not pre-paid cards.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 09-09-06 15:27:43

From Craig list, i called a guy selling his cell for $40. Declined since he was in scarborough and it would take me 1.30 hrs. just to get there. Next was a Canadian in Richmond hill. The cellphone was just 2 weeks old and it was a Fido Sony erricson. He asked for $80. I did not negotiate the price. He gave me his FIDO SIM card also for free and i paid him in cash. He was waiting for me in a Busstop.
Just for the information of CD members !

I am a Gents and not a Ladies.

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