Is mundan really important?

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cool girl   
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My daughter is 2 and half yrs old.Last I went to Haridwar (India), I got one lock of her hair cut as she was very young for mundan.I was planning to her mundan done one of these days but my cousin is getting married next Aug and going to have Hindu and Christian ceremonies done.She wants my daughter to be the "flower-girl" and want reasonable length of her hair.
She is insisting me not to get her mundan done.
I m not very superstitious.But I just don't know why exactly we do mundan.

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I don't either. Haven't seen any strong scientific explanation. If you are not religious/superstitious, then who cares. Let her be the flower girl.


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I was told that Mundan (full shaving of head) is done because it is believed that the regrowth of hair will be thicker. I dont think this is very 'scientific' but thats just me.

I know many people with beautiful thick manes of hair that have never gone through mundan and I think its genetics more than anything.

However I am not certain if that is the only reason it is done.

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Mundan can be done anytime say 5 months or 3 years or 5 years too. It is good since, initial hair of the child is soft and after mundan you have strong and healthy hair. It is just like how children lose milk teeth and then the teeth which come is strong and for life time.

now it is upto you to decide whether you should follow this tradition. If it is for the good, then there is no harm in following the tradition.

I took my children to tirupati devasthan for mundan.

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It is a tradition, it is up to you to follow or not, nothing to do with science.

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