Chennai Airport question

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 09-03-10 08:53:29

On a related note, do the CD's know of what facilities that the terminal (brussels-Jet Airways) offer at Brussels while I wait for the plane change.
The jet airways website says that there is a lounge that we could use (with all facilities) but I doubt if Economy passengers will be able to use it?
I am looking for stuff like (pls. classify as paid or free) :
1. Drinking water (hot water)
2. currency exchange
3. sleeping area
4. food court

All people travelling hold the golden passport (Cdn. passport)


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I had traveled thru Brusseles Airport. Whatever you are mentioning is not available is free there. This is a small airport where you have a small food court & one big choclate store. Your passport ( canadian /Indian?pakistan) has no meaning in any shop. You have to buy whatever you want. Do not forgot to buy some nice Belgian Chocolate for your friends in India

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A few days ago when I traveled through BRUSSELS, I did see JET Airways had a NEW Lounge for its First and the Business Class Passengers one of its best air port rest room. They just carried on where they left off from the planes.

But for the Economy Class the rest of the air port was completely open. No one to ask how you are. Since they closed down SABENA and sold all of their Planes, it has become Jet Airways own HUB.

Sorry to say that there was no HOT Water for making milk for the kids or a spot of Chai for the Brits. The rest of the area was all ours to sleep. ( May be available there if paid)

There was a Forex cubicle and Duty Free shop too. They were a Tad cheaper on the regular items of booze. But none of the 100 Proof stuff, which would have been good to carry back. But the Smokes are cheaper right here on the street corners, so not an item to buy and take.

There was a small food court nearer to the exit doors. But nothing to write home about.

Here is some thing of interest :
It is expensive but it is available to you also.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 12-03-10 08:48:19

Just was told yesterday by a friend that upon landing in brussels, to change the plane from Brussels to Chennai (JEt Airways) that we have to get our hand luggage screened again and move to a different terminal and that it would take around 75 mins to do this.
I have had heard that the plane change would be just in the next few gates and that the brussels airport is small.
Can someone confirm this?


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OK TK, it is very straight forward process. All passenger has to come out of the plane with thier Cabin Luggage. then again you have to clear security for Boarding plane from a different gate. But the process is very smooth, no terminal change. it takes hardly 20 mins. or so. All security people in Brusseles are very friendly & coooperative Also as Brusseles has become a Hub for JET, Jet emloyees are there to guide you. Do Not worry.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 17-03-10 08:46:29

Thanks for the info. In the last min, I transferred the ticket to another individual but passed on your tips. The feedback is that JEt is a fabulous airline and the staff really treat you well. There were people to bring you hot water as well as take care of infants/children while you needed to use the restroom. Jet also gives you fod coupons to be used at brussels, if their flight was late (as in this case). They give you Euro 13.5 per person and a Pizza slice at the airport is Euro 8. There is a FREE children play area at the gate where you take the Chennai flight
At Chennai, there are porters who will take you luggage from the baggage claim area to the outside for a fee of just Rs100 + $1 tips.
Overall a very nice experience.

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I went to Chennai last year and was traveling in Jet airways.
Jet airways are just excellent. They provide you with what ever you need for the kids.
And at Chennai airport i asked for help from one of the jet airways ground crew (as i had
my baby with me), he sent a porter to get my luggage and drop me off to my car and they don't charge anything. But i willingly gave him Rs. 100.

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