Diary of a white India Housewife !!

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December 2005. I was an accountant, on long service leave from my uninspiring government job in Melbourne (Australia), and doing community work in Calcutta. My future husband was a DJ, with a residency at one of Calcutta’s biggest nightclubs. Fate drew us together one night, and transformed my life into something unrecognizable.

Now, we live in Mumbai. I write and maintain About.com’s India Travel website, and am editor of the powai.info website for my suburb. For the first time in my life, I’m doing work that motivates me and that I love. After an unfulfilling stint in the family business, my husband has again joined the music industry full time.

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Within the article/blog, there are few other links on the right hand side of the page. I liked the article titled, "A Tale of an Indian’s Culture Shock Abroad".


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Yes its special for a white girl to marry a brownie and burden us to hear all the idiosyncrasys of our country..

She need to get a life, not make a story out of every little thing she sees just because she is not used to it..

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Originally posted by Iceberg

Read the comments for this article :clap:


Hilarious comments :)

Some of the hotels have a nice bathtub, vanity, sink, toilet setup and then the ubiquitous drain hole on the floor. I wondered about that until my dad did his thing, stepped out, splashed water all over the floor. There went my dry bathroom :)

When my parents then visited us here, I had make sure to warn him about lack of drainage hole on the bathroom floor. Funny though :)


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Some of the comments are really 'food for thought'

On the paper-vs-water debate, here’s a simple thing to consider: We don’t wipe-dry our dirty plates after eating, right? We always wash it first with water and then dry. So why not do the same with our nether regions for more cleanliness ?

:clap: :clap: :clap:

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Indian bathrooms( however it may be) should be least of the worry. Think changing wives/husbands like changing socks (cultural shocks to some) without thinking about children.

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