nearly getting divorce for canadian pr for indian passport holder

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Hi all
With all respect I am looking for some help here.
I would like to add some details about me before I mentioning my current situation.

I am dash from India currently living here in Canada from last 1 month (lived here in Vancouver for 2 months in Jan 2013 to march 2013 and permanent resident of Canada and Australia).lived in Australia for more than 6 years, was been married for 4 years. I have applied all my pr application for Canada (offshore (under fsw 2 program)) and for Australia onshore. Means for both of my pr application (aus and can) I was the main applicant and my wife was secondary applicant. I never claimed any points of my wife’s education or work for immigration purpose.

I applied my pr for Canada from Australia in October 2010 and finally got it in November 2012, landed with my wife on January 15,2013 to march 15 2013 (I was the main applicant for both pr application and my wife was spouse dependent),got Australian pr on may 2013.
Now situation is changed

From July 2012 my wife’s behaviour was changed and she was keep winging that if I will get Canadian pr than she will refuse to come Canada and want divorce. Her family members also supported her as well. She want to stay in Australia, we had our (personal, social and family) issues as well, from July 2012 onwards we were living separately in same house we had no any relationship. But still we were husband and wife giving each other enough time to solve our problems.

We were supported each other as a husband and wife, when we both got Canadian pr she came with me for 2 months we stayed at my sister’s house until we both got the Canadian pr card than we moved back to Australia(Melbourne).within 3 months of time we both got our Australian pr as well,

After moved back to Australia she was asking for divorce (with mutual understanding), we stayed in Australia until we both got our Australian pr visa stamped, finally we moved to India were we both originally from and were we both got marry(register our marriage) and lodge a petition for divorce in family(in early June, 2013) court with the help of family lawyers. We both give us enough time to understand each other and short out our problems. But things doesn’t working out still and possibly within 6 months of the date of divorce petition lodgement, we both will get our divorce(will receive decree of a divorce).

So in this situation what I suppose to do with my future. I would like to add that it was very hard to get pr for both of this country.
My real problems are, if I will get divorce what I suppose to do first,

1. Should I have to inform both Canada and Australian immigration?

2. Will Canada immigration accept my divorce form India were I originally merry and registered it over there ?

3. My parents are pushing me for second marriage, after getting divorce how much time it will take for CIC to give new spouse visa to my second sponsored wife. (Because every need life companion) If I will get marry again?

If any one guide on above, then I will really appreciate all efforts. I am looking for accurate information. Not assumptions?

Thank for reading my above post, thanks you very much.


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This might be very difficult, CIC has cracked down on fraud marriage fraud and because of this spousal applications like ur to be wifes would take years to resolve and may some cases never.

Originally posted by dashy

3. My parents are pushing me for second marriage, after getting divorce how much time it will take for CIC to give new suppose visa to my second sponsored wife. (Because every need life companion) If I will get marry again?

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My cousin has been waiting for his wife's sponsorship from second marriage. Been waiting for the last 3 years, and no luck.

You may take advise from any immigrant consultant.

elmer fudd   
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I had a hard time understanding the opening post, almost as if it was processed through Google Translate.

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