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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 25-07-12 06:02:38

If news reports from Times Now are to be believed, about 170, 000 Bodos and Assamese have fled their homes and 50, 000 are in refugee camps.

This has happened in the border districts of Assam, where the indigenous Bodos have been driven out of their homes by the illegal immigrants from across the border and who have become sizable chunk of the population. It is said they are getting help from Pak's ISI and from B'desh to buy arms which are used against the native Bodo hill tribes. The Bodo leader also spoke about a new organisation called MULTA (Muslim United Liberation Tigers of Assam) having links with terrorist organisations.

Just like the Pandits of Kashmir, the Bodos too have become refugees in their own land, thanks to the ineptitude and vote bank politics of the central government.

That the illegal immigrants are to be identified and deported just remains on paper and has hardly been implemented. This has taken us this far in the last 50 years. About 30% of Assam's population are illegal immigrants and is spreading to other states like Meghalaya, Nagaland etc. where "outsiders" (i.e., Indians) cannot enter the illegal immigrant colonies.

As usual Bangladesh continues to maintain a state of denial. Don't know why we should ask B'desh. It is like asking the accused to give judgement. If we are going to give them safety, security and economic prosperity without their having any emotional attachment to out nation, they are going to carry out such acts and more will cross the porous border and come as far as Mumbai or Gujarat. Why should not our security forces identify and give them the opposite. But our BSF had been told to be soft on those illegal immigrants and use only "rubber" bullets to scare them, in case.

Among all these, Manmohan, though elected FROM ASSAM on Rajya Sabha ticket, along with Sonia Gandhi is busy pacifying Sharad Pawar on his ministerial status.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 01-08-12 03:50:14

Advaniji points to illegal migration from Bangladesh.
From The Hindu, Aug1, 2012.

Veteran BJP leader L.K.Advani on Tuesday alleged that the "Congress collusion with illegal migration" was the root cause of the recurring violence in Assam.

"First the indigenous people of Assam are feeling alienated as they are losing control over their own land, while illegal Bangladeshis have embarked on a large scale land grab policy.

"Second is the ethnic problem faced by the Bodos, that they will be marginalised in their own areas, in their own land".

"The third is the demographic change taking place in the entire Assam. The native residents are feeling that they would be squeezed out and dis empowered by the migrant population".

"The combined effect of these 3 problems pose a serious threat to the unity and integrity of the country".

"On behalf of the BJP and the NDA, I wish to make it clear that the problem Assam is facing is not a Hindu Vs Mulim conflict. Rather, it is clearly a conflict between Indian nationals and foreigners".

But the Congress and the UPA will never accept these for obvious reasons.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 10-08-12 07:49:01

Here is an article by the Election Commissioner Mr. H.S. Brahma.

A tiny country like Sri Lanka with a ragtag army could be assertive towards its border. It does not allow our fishermen from TN to come anywhere near Kachathivu, which after all belonged to India and was donated by Indira Gandhi in 70s. Even at that time the agreement was that our fishermen could could continue to fish nearby and dry their nets at the island, but Sri Lanka does not buy any of these. It simply destroys our fishermen boats and nets, take away their catch and arrest our fishermen who inadvertently cross unidentifiable water border. In many cases our fishermen have been shot dead.

But India with its ICBM "Agni" capabilities asks its BSF only to scare illegal Bangladeshi immigrants crossing the border, warn and in case use only "rubber" bullets against them. Even if arrested they are to be safely sent back to the other side. Here also small BSF patrol groups have been ambushed and killed by the illegal immigrants and smuggler racketeers.

Our Central government is stretching the Ahimsa Policy of the Mahtma too far.

How to share Assam
H.S. Brahma Posted online: Sat Jul 28 2012, 00:11 hrs
The recent ethnic clashes between Hindu Bodos and Muslim immigrants, which occurred in the Bodoland Territorial Autonomous Districts of lower Assam (BTAD), were unfortunate. However, the clashes were not wholly unexpected. The question that is generally asked is: why did it take a few decades to occur in the first place? Assam has been virtually sitting on a huge tinderbox.
Any knowledgeable person in Assam knows well enough that migration into the state started during the late 1960s and early 1970s, when India fought two wars with Pakistan, in 1965 and 1971 respectively. It was during the 1971 Bangladesh operation that large numbers of former East Pakistani — now Bangladeshi — citizens were evacuated and housed in districts along the present Indo-Bangladesh border. This occurred in the district of erstwhile Goalpara, including Dhubri, and in the adjacent districts of West Bengal, Tripura and Meghalaya. It was estimated that between two and three million people were kept in the relief camps that were organised by the government of India, as well as by the state governments. They were kept in those camps for about six to eight months. Most of these relief camps were located in large open grazing grounds, school buildings as well as other public buildings. After Bangladesh was established, most of these evacuees went back there, but a certain percentage of them remained in India.

Even today, the Indo-Bangladesh border is not properly guarded and fenced, largely due to the difficult geographical conditions. There are a large number of rivers, riverine channels and drains in the area. This poses a major engineering problem for fencing and makes guarding difficult. Unless we use the latest technologies, as the Israelis have done, this problem is going to remain and illegal migration to the Northeast will continue. It has been alleged by knowledgeable persons that out of the 27 districts in Assam, 11 of them are going to be Muslim majority districts once the 2011 census figures, religion-wise, are published by the census authorities.

The present ethnic clashes between the two communities can be directly attributed to the aforementioned facts of illegal migration into Assam. Since 1971, it has been noticed that to a large extent, government land in the char areas and lands earmarked as grazing grounds have been systematically appropriated by illegal migrants, in collusion with the district and local administrations. Today, most of the districts along the Indo-Bangladesh border are devoid of government lands or large grazing grounds, which were once an asset to the local communities and farmers. The systematic grabbing of government lands and the steady encroachment of denuded forest areas by illegal immigrants and non-indigenous communities have created serious differences among the local indigenous populations. The concern voiced by the local political leaders, especially by the chief of the BTAD, Hagrama Mohilary, on the current issue, needs to be seriously examined by the state and Central governments. The BTAD areas are governed under the Sixth Schedule of the Indian Constitution and tribal bloc rules and regulations are also applicable.

It is a fact that the population in all these areas has been going up by leaps and bounds. It is not surprising, therefore, that there is a clash of interest in the sharing of natural resources such as forests, grazing grounds or even lands. With the mounting population pressure and dwindling scarce resources, unemployment, and the lack of opportunities to make a livelihood, one can easily understand the problem and expect that it will recur from time to time.

Even the Election Commission of India is not immune to this problem. It has to tackle the problem of D-Voters (doubtful voters), numbering approximately 1.5 lakh, while preparing the electoral rolls of Assam. The subject matter is sub-judice. This also poses a very serious security threat to the country. It is advisable that these pending cases lying in various courts and tribunals be disposed of quickly and within a definite timeframe. People who are found to be illegal migrants by these tribunals should be deported. Unless this basic issue of illegal migration into the country is resolved, the problem is bound to recur from time to time and in place to place.

The writer is Election Commissioner of India. Views are personal


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I am surprised why main stream media is so quiet on this issue?

To add fuel to this fire, an idiot by the name of Asaduddin Owaisi with no connection to Assam tours Assam to provide relief to the affected people. Why so sudden interest in Assam? Somewhere, he also made a statement that if Bangladeshi Muslims were sent back to Bangladesh, Indian Muslims would start an agitation.

Then someone holds rally in Azad Maidan in Bombay to express solidarity to Muslims in Assam and Burma. The protest turns violent and two people are dead.

No outrage from a common Indian! Meanwhile, RGV is busy mocking Ganpati on Twitter.

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Assam does Mumbai today and Toronto tomorrow.

The below article clearly shows how well the attacks was organized by the 'followers of peace'.

As the demographics change in North-america, you can expect to see each and everyone of us fighting pitched battles in our own neighbourhoods. It will be each to his own. It is simply a question of 'when?'.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 15-08-12 00:05:14

On the final day of Baba Ramdev protest , we had BJP and other regional parties like JDU, SP, BSP and TDP showing solidarity to his cause and pledging support against black money. But strangely, Sonia Gandhi rushed towards Assam to tour the affected areas. May be she was promising voter id cards and ration cards to whomever who did not have them and forming her own alliance.


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Congress knows well where the votes comes from !!

Handful People who know Team Anna / Baba Ramdev do not even cast a vote or they are too less in numbers. Thing is Kittaney pritashat bhartiya news dekhtey hain? farmers ; villagers ; labourers on road, mines, mills & factories ; slum dwellers,; rickshaw pullers either do not have time or are not in knowledge circle to know political scenario. So they will vote what their surpunchs, jila adhikaris and patwaris will tell them. Congress keep those people under thier armpits. Do you know how ?

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