Any advice/experience on this pest problem?

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We have recently landed Canada and have moved into CRescent town at Victoria park subway.MY husband who arrived before me and my kids chose this location on the advice of friends due to it's proximity to the subway and it's community living fAcilities like doctor convenience store park school all al walking distance. I however was not too happy with the area but decided to give a try. What has upset both me and my husband now is the pest problem we are having. We delayed out move from the 1st to the4th mainly due to the fact that we saw a few roaches when we came to visit the flat. We were assured of a pest control visit but two nights ago I saw
some bug like creatures coming out of the woodwork and on calling the super we were told it was Bed bugs and a spraying would be arranged. Even after the spraying we yet notice these bugs and were told it's Normal to see them for a while! I haven't unpckrd our boxes and we had to postpone our bed n mattess delivery as I have read things could only get worse. I am so put off by this and am considering moving ESP as one if the neighbours confirmed it is a very common problem in crescent town.Has anybdy else had an experience like this? Can we break our lease midway due to this problem? Any experiences ideas etc would be most welcome


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Bed bugs are a very severe/serious problem, you need to get out of there ASAP. Do not open your boxes for the clothing as well.

Since you are within 10 days of your contract, I think you can still cancel the lease without penalty. Do you have copies of any complaints made to the Super?

Please call the legal help clinic numbers and have the above information confirmed by an expert.

I feel sorry for your trouble.

Good luck.

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It is very serious and you have to get out of there asap. I had seen one woman bitten by bugs and after years of treatment also, she is still suffering after 3-4 years.

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Please get out of this accomodation asap. As others noted, this is a serious problem and you shouldn't give it a second thought. Talk to the supervisor of the building and explain the situation. It's worth it, even if you need to pay a miniscule penalty to break the lease.

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We have complained via email abt the roaches but the bed bugs were discovered later and it's all been verbal. Thank you guys for all your replies, will check with the links and other options provided. It's nerve wrcking though All my stuff is in the balcony as am so scared of taking any with me,my kids sleep on our couches Nd i stay awake S long as I can with a spray ..... Hoping this comes to an end soon, not z cry good start to our CanAdian experience :(

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Welcome to Canada

What you are experiencing is a problem faced in my high rise apartments in Toronto

I myself was surprised to find this many cases of bed bug infested apartments in Canada. In India I never heard of some one having bed bug problems

And Canada is a 'developed nation' and one of the 'best countries in the world to live in' !!

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Welcome to Canada.
Those apartments in Crescent town are mainly reserved for Bangaladeshi immigrants / refugees and over time , we immigrants, not taking proper care has resorted to uncleanliness/dirty and thus bedbugs. You also canot and should not fully blame the immigrants / refugee’s. The prime and plump jobs are all taken by the native born people. Immigrants / refugee’s are made to struggle and need to spend atleast 3 or 4 years under much financial hardship due to the proper lack of jobs. The building you are now, were built and occupied by people who are now in the upper strata of the society and owning palatial homes. These building are now left to the convenience of the immigrants / refugee’s and over time have fallen into disrepair owning to budget tightening of the building owners as they really canot expect immigrants / refugees to pay $ 1500 a month as rent for a 2 bedroom.You just canot expect to give $ 900 rent and be close to the subway, schools, decent walk –in’s and then expect bed bug free apartments. You get what you give.
They will not allow you to break the lease as it is their policy. The owners of apartment buildings are here to make a profit and they care less about your suffering.
What I would suggest is for you to spray the house again and may be hire a cleaner from Kijiji for cleaning the house with dettol and other stuff.You also take a day in cleaning the house. Please throw away any porus wooden stuff as bedbugs hide there. But the real culprit is that the roaches are hiding in the kitchen sink duct or Toilet plumbing duct and over a period of time may come back again. You really do not have a 100% fool proof solution.
Having less things and cleaning the house once a week will gradually reduce the roaches.
Hope this helps.

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