Car Rental from Buffalo Airport to Toronto

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I am visiting Toronto next weekend. Landing at Buffalo Airport and planning to either Rent a Car or Greyhound. I checked the bus timings and they don't work out well. So, I am thinking about renting a Car from Buffalo and drive all the way to Toronto. I will drop the car back at Buffalo when I return after my visit is over.

My question is this. Is it permissible to drive a rental car from States to Toronto if I am dropping it at the pick-up location after the end of my visit? Has anyone done it before? Any US/Canada Customs implications at the border? I will anyway rent a car for my entire stay in Toronto, so thought to do it from Buffalo itself.

I called some of the Car rental companies and they mentioned it's fine with them. What are some of my options. Any suggestions, please?

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, you are drive across the border, provided you let the rental company know before hand. They will add a comment on the contract to indicate that you will be driving across the border, that way you should not have any issue while crossing over.

One thing I've seen with rentals (atleast in Ontario) is once you leave the Province, and if you generally have unlimited mileage it drops to 200 kms a day. You can generally pre-buy miles in blocks of 100 kms/miles which is cheaper than paying for actual usage later on.

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