Planning to go to India in August on PIO card ? Any issues ..

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Has anybody traveled lately on PIO card to India? Did you have any issues ..


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This was the press release by Consulate in Toronto. Not sure about conversion process but routine process to get OCI is about 2 months.


The Consulate General of India wishes to reiterate that all the PIO card holders are required to convert their PIO cards into OCI cards at the earliest. The deadline for the conversion process is June 30, 2017 repeat June 30, 2017.

All members of Indo-Canadian community, still holding PIO cards, are requested to convert their PIOs to OCI at the earliest so as to avoid any complications during their travel to India. The community is further advised that conversion of PIO to OCI cards need not require any extra scrutiny or additional documents except for the photocopies of the Canadian passport and existing PIO card. For further details, please go to Consulate website (OCI).


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You still have time , I suggest apply for the PIO to OCI conversion as soon as possible. Govt has streamlined conversion process tremendously. I have gone thru this process a few months back and had no issue as long as you follow the instructions properly.

no need to send any original copies and they can arrange pickup and delivery of the documents and OCI card from your home thru Fedex. Of course, you pay for the service but u save time.

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Can you please let me know how to do this without submitting the original documents?

So you submit the online application for PIO to OCI (OCI in lieu of PIO)

and then what happens at BLS? Do you have to go to BLS right after submitting the online application and show them the documents?

Makes no sense, and I swear to god this is a massive.....pain, with instructions being so clear.

I have to travel to India by May first week on 2019 and I wonder if we have enough time to get this done. I have a valid PIO card that was issued on 2014 July. It does not have any hand written thing on it?

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