Can I stay outside Canada after getting PR?

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Detailed overview of Canada immigration consultants in Dubai
By: maplecanvisas

The process of migrating to international destination for education, travel or work opportunities is referred to as immigration. Every country has unique immigration guidelines which need to be followed in order to seek permanent settlement visa. Generally, if Canada is discussed about, then, it has a pool of work opportunities which denote a higher scope of immigration. But, in order to get settled in this country, certain rules and regulations need to be followed, hence, connecting with the Canada immigration consultants in Dubai becomes a must. Let’s take a quick look at the features of services offered by these immigration consultants and their influence on the process of migration, on a whole.

How is the selection of Canada immigration consultants in Dubai viable?

Choosing the best immigration while migrating to Canada is the right step to start with to obtain right information. Due to their vast experience, they can provide comprehensive assistance and ensure that individuals don’t falter in the process of completing documentation. On the other hand, Canada immigration consultants in Dubai groom the applicants for interview procedure conducted during visa approval.

Most of all, if a person is unable to decide the right career opportunities according to his qualifications, then, these consultants help them out with the same. In fact, when documentation process is concerned, then, organized filing plays a crucial role in improving the prospects of visa approval that too in an efficient manner. The immigration consultants are well-trained to make the complicated process of migration simplified for the clients.

What makes these consultants attain expertise in completing paperwork?

• Rich Experience: Due to extensive experience as Canada immigration consultants in Dubai, these experts are able to offer information on all the aspects which clients want to get addressed.
• Qualified to offer immigration consultation: These immigration consultants have proper certification and expertise in order to help applicants complete the paperwork and obtain permanent residence visa for Canada.
• Outstanding communication skills: Whether those are commendable communication skills or friendly interpersonal skills, the consultants are able to make various facets of immigration simpler for clients. Besides, they can make the applicants feel at comfort to ask questions about culture, education or any other details about the country.
• Proficient in other languages: The Canada immigration consultants in Dubai are proficient in second and third languages spoken in the country people are about to migrate. This helps them to extend assistance to clients so that they attain command over those languages.
• Ability to offer insight about Canada or chosen country to migrate: The immigration consultants leave no stone unturned to offer sneak peak about Canada or any other country which the clients want to migrate to. The idea is to make them feel comfortable about the society and other relevant factors of the country which influence immigration.
Reasons to hire Canada immigration consultants in Dubai

As discussed above, the process of immigration gets easier, precise and accurate by hiring these consultants with vast experience. It is possible to uncover information which people are not aware of due to less knowledge about Canada or any other chosen country. Apparently, everything gets organized without letting any loophole leading to delay in the process of immigration. From legal, cultural, educational information to other minute details are summed up in the consultation services of Canada immigration consultants in Dubai.

Visa approval duration

The duration of visa approval is comparatively less when immigration consultants are relied on. It is their profound experience, expertise and efficiency which enables clients to get their visa for Canada or any other country approved in a less time-frame. However, the duration for visa approval may be variable depending on the in-depth assessment of the documents and detailed assistance required in the work of immigration consultants.

Pre-boarding instructions

It is obvious if a person is flying overseas, then, he can’t be familiar with the pre-boarding instruction for smooth traveling without any interruption. This is exactly where the immigration consultants offer guidance to the client so that he can board his flight for Canada or any preferred international destination.

Final remarks about Canada immigration consultants in Dubai
To sum it up, Canada immigration consultants in Dubai make sure that all the amenities related to PR visa approval and migration assistance are offered to the clients for glitch-free accessibility.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 26-04-23 09:15:51

My wife is a Canadian citizen and is been living with me in India since few years. I just received my PR couple of months back. I am a Cardiac Surgeon in India and would like to continue my job here. We are not planning to settle in Canada in the near future. I will visit Canada just for the entry purpose but then I will have to resume work back in India.
Question: 1) Do I have to visit Canada every year to keep my PR? 2) Am I going to lose PR is I decide to stay in India forever?

Thank you


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