Sikhs & 12'o Clock Funda The Truth Behind it !!!!!!!!!!

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amit kalia   
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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 12-11-04 08:19:53

Excellent atricle by Mohanjeet. Indeed none can match the sacrifices made by sikhs during the mughal era. Many hindu families in Punjab and the surrounding regions had offered one of their sons to adapt to sikhism in order to fight against the atrocities of Aurangzeb. This is one of the reason which has attributed to increase of the sikh population over the years.
The melody of the shabads in The Gurubani is based on the ragas and is so pleasing to one's ears that it purifies both the heart and the soul.

The above website suggested by Sukh is a must see. Wow!

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Good one. I had no idea.

I personally have great respect for Sikhs.

"Seeing this incident our 10th Guruji, Sri Guru Gobind Singhji (Son of Guru
Teg Bahadarji) founder of khalsa made a resolution that he would convert his
followers to such human beings who would not be able to hide themselves and
could be easily located in thousands."

So did sikhs start wearing turban (and growing long hair) around that time or were there already people in North Western India who wore some sort of Head gear for some time.

I know Jats (Both Haryana and Western UP) do wear a turban though it is different and they dont always wear it.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 13-11-04 16:30:22

Let me add a bihari aspect to it .:D

I have very high regards for our Sikh community, and I am equally proud that the 10th Guru was bihari , Patna sahib gurudwara in Patna is revered by all communities.

Just a little another factoid on my homeland of bihar :D .

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Orginally posted by sukh

hi guys,

check out their struggle in Canada" target="_blank"></a>


That's really a good one!
i didnt know indians came here this long ago.......:cheers:
Because my #*(&^%$ gora teacher told me there were no indian here before 50 years. and this web says we r here from 1897!!:cheers: :)

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Excellent post by mohanjeet. There has been occasions that being a sikh I had retaliated to such references over time knowing the fact very well which mohanjeet has referred. I always believed that most of the people who teased knew the facts very well and its just fun to them. I guess over time i had learnt to ignore such comments.

After reading this article i feel that many dont know much about our religion. Its worth mentioning as it does make a difference.

Manjeet Singh

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 15-11-04 00:53:59

Guru Nanak is one of those rare and revered personalities who was claimed by communities other that his own , Hindus and Muslims both claimed him as thier own when he passed away.

As they say

Nanak Shah fakir, hindu ka guru , musalmaan ka peer

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 15-11-04 02:38:13

Orginally posted by sukh

hi guys,

check out their struggle in Canada



Very Very Interesting.

Lot of Information, Good One

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