India Deserves More than just Taj

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Garvo Gujarati   
Member since: Nov 01
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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 17-12-04 09:18:27

Got this chain letter:


India is the oldest civilization in the world and we have many beautiful places that are as good as Taj but not famous like Taj.

The campaign of having new 7 wonders is an opportunity for us to tell world that we have monuments in addition to Taj. Please vote for Taj as you may have done. At the same time if you see list on site" rel="nofollow">LINK, in India there are other places listed that are equally good. Please vote for them also. Why cannot we imagine having more than 1 of seven wonders from India? India deserves it.

In addition to Taj, we can vote for Jain temples of Rajasthan, Ajanta Ellora Caves of Maharashtra and also Ranakpur jain temples. They are equally deserving candidates – but less known to world for some unknown reason. Why cannot we bring this truth to the world that India is more than Taj – our history is not just Taj. Vote for these places in addition to Taj.

Your little gesture of voting for places in addition to Taj will help India this way:

We are telling the truth to the world that we have more deserving places in our country
Consider that India will have more than one monument in list of 7 wonders – because she deserves the same.
Think of benefit our country will have in terms of revenue of tourist and foreign exchange.
So let us tell the truth to the world. Vote for all above monuments in addition to Taj.

Please visit" rel="nofollow">LINK to vote for abovementioned great Indian monuments.

A Proud Indian Canadian

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 17-12-04 11:24:11

There is a long distance call you have to make for your vote to count....

On the subject of India's representative, its great to know that all the other sites have been listed as candidates.

Some of the South Indian temples are truly fantastic. I am talking about temples like Meenakshi Temple and Ranganathaswamy temple.

But i can also say Taj is the most beautiful building i have ever seen in the whole world. I have been to it many times and each time It felt like i was seeing it for the first time.

I like it that after the first time you go there, you really dont want to go inside the complex (anyways inside there isnt much, its a burial place). So you just sit in the lawn and take it all in.

Since there are 150 + countries in the world, only so many are goingto get in the final list.

While Taj is not totally representative of Indian culture, it is in India. It would have made the top had it been in any other country.

I once made a mistake, but I was wrong about it.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 17-12-04 12:31:01

What a funny web!!!!
made by indians n vote by indians

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Garvo Gujarati   
Member since: Nov 01
Posts: 3111

Post ID: #PID Posted on: 17-12-04 13:54:53

I guess your judgement is wrong.

The correct page is here for overall stats:

What you have shown is last weeks display and obviously someone is on massive drive to vote for this one and so India and Taj are on top.

Obviously chinese people might have done similar compain as they have share of more than 45%

A Proud Indian Canadian

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