Requirement of International Driving LIcense

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Dear Friends
Is it necessary to bring INternational Driving LIcense while coming to Canada .


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Please refer to this link. I hope this will answer your query.

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It is advisable to bring your international driving licence since it will allow you to drive a car for the first two months after landing. During that time you can do a lot of things easily - finding a place to live, applying for your OHIP and SIN. Not that these things cannot be done without a car, but it just makes it much easier, especially if you are moving to a vast city like Toronto, where going from one place to another by public transport can take 1 to 2 hours and mind you, many places are just not approachable by public transport.

After teh first two months you will not be allowed to drive on your international licence. You have to take a local licence - and for that remember to bring two things - one your indian licence or any other record showing that you have driving experience of more than two years, and a letter from insurance company which covered you in India. the first will allow you to get a G2 licence soon after appearing for your written test (or else you hve to wait 10 months), and the second will reduce your insurance premium.


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