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I am moving form USA to Toronto in June 03,I have US driving licence. What is the procedure to get Canada driving license.If I submit US driving license without test can I get Canada driving license . I have driving violation points in my US driving license If I submit my US driving license, will points be carried over to Canada driving licence.

please clarify.

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You can go to an MTO office after securing your SIN and stuff.

Basically you just exchange your US license for an Ontario license, you don't have to give a test.

I don't believe your points get carried over.

Are you there?

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If I submit US driving license without test can I get Canada driving license

If you have 2 or more years of driving record in US then that' enough to get the G license. (full)

They will check the US driving license for that, to see you got enough driving experience or not.

If your current state driving license states you have driving record of less than 2 years, then make sure you give them your previous state driving license number.

The Driving license office computers are linked to US license system. I was surprised to know that.

If you don't have 2 years of US driving license, then they will issue G2 license. (graduated license)


TIP: Get a duplicate of US driving license, b'cos you will loose the US driving license once you surrender it to get Ontario driving license.
In future if you drive to US, the US driving license can be used to show as proof of ID.


I have driving violation points in my US driving license

I don't know about that. But when you go for the auto insurance obviously you will state that you have prior driving experience in US. So the auto insurance guys can know about it. If you didn't tell them about your US driving record, then your auto insurance going to be anywhere between 150 to 200 dollars per month.

The auto insurance in Canada is very costly.

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