New Policy for International Students Who Want to Change Institutions

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New Policy for International Students Who Want to Change Institutions
On January 31, 2005, CIC introduced a new policy for international students in post-secondary studies in Canada. These students can now transfer between programs of study and institutions without applying for a change to the conditions of their study permit. They can also transfer between public and private institutions.

Previously, most international students could transfer between the same type of educational institution (for example, university to university or college to college), but could not transfer between different types of institutions (for example, university to college).

The new policy applies to students who have a valid study permit for training or studying at the post-secondary level, such as:

Community college, CEGEP, Institute
Private university, career college, academy, school or training institution
ESL/FSL and other language training
It does not apply to students in kindergarten to grade 12 programming.

New study permits: All applications for a study permit (IMM 1294) for post-secondary studies received in person or postmarked January 31, 2005, or later will be processed under this new policy.

Existing valid study permits: All post-secondary students currently studying in Canada with a valid study permit are covered by this policy. You do not need to submit an IMM 1249 (Applications to Change Conditions, Extend My Stay or Remain in Canada) to transfer between institutions. For any other changes to your study permit, consult Information for Foreign Students or speak to your international student advisor.

Applications to Change Conditions, Extend My Stay or Remain in Canada (IMM 1249) That Have Not Received a Final Decision by January 31, 2005

For applications to change only the type of institution:

The application will not be processed. It will be returned to the student.
A refund of the processing fee will be initiated.
For applications requesting multiple changes, including the type of institution:

The application will be processed.
The request to change the level of study will not be processed.
The processing fee is applicable.
Questions and Answers for International Students
1. How does this change in policy affect my chance of being approved for a study permit?

The application procedures for study permits have not changed. You must follow all the procedures for a new study permit. CIC’s criteria for assessing your application have not changed.

2. How does this change affect my ability to work?

The eligibility criteria and regulations for employment are not affected by this new policy. However:

If you intend to go to a private institution when you apply for a study permit, the permit may include the following condition: Unless authorized, prohibited from engaging in employment in Canada. If you later transfer to a public university or college, you would become eligible for on-campus employment and any other employment provisions available to students at those institutions. You do not need to change your study permit to become eligible for on-campus employment; your registration at an eligible institution is sufficient.
If you intend to go to a public university or college when you apply for a study permit, you are eligible for on-campus employment and may also be eligible for off-campus employment depending on your province of study. If you choose to transfer to a private institution, you will no longer be eligible for on-campus or off-campus employment.
For further information about on- and off-campus employment, speak to your international student advisor.   
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hey anand,
your information about the change of the terms and provacy policy was indeed beneficial.Iam an international student who came down here on the 14th of september on a study permit for a post GRADUATE program in human resources management for the september intake in confederation college in Thunderbay.When i landed in toronto..with the help of my friends and my own sister i realised that Thunderbay was much colder and was a very remote place to study,so i cancelled my admission from that college and started lookin for an admission in colleges in toronto.Being late for the spetember intake i was not accepted by any of the colleges for the current session.I had no option but to wait for the january2006 intake to resume my studies.Even though i am a B(COM),still i have opted for a post secondary program, for i needed a course which i would love to specialise in.
My questions are:-
1.will my sitting home have a deep impact on my geting an extension for the visa as i just have about eight months in my study permit.Will it give problem in securing an extension?..eventhough i had no option than to wait for the next term to join
2. Will i be ELIGIBLE TO APPLY FOR A WORK PERMIT AFTER THE SUCCESFUL COMPLETION OF A POST SECONDARY PROGRAM, I am just confused as the hrdc site says post GRduate work permits.confused about the way they mean \"GRADUATE\"....a bchelors degree holder or a candidate who has successfully passed the course.
Awaiting your reply.
please also send me the reply to my email
awaiting your reply:)

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