Things to be taken care while moving from Canada to USA

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Dear Members,

I am a Canadian citizen and planning to move to USA from October 2006. I would like to know about the things to be done before moving to USA. I have a few questions as what to do?

1. What should I do with Canada's health card and driving licence? As I am moving to USA I have to inform MTO about change of address from Canada to USA.
2. I would like to transfer a car from Canada to USA, what is the procedure for the same?
3. I have a little kid. What should I do with his Child tax benefit? I don't know the rule whether I can continue the same or not.
4. How to file a tax return to Canada while working in USA?
5. Should I get name and address of good movers for moving from Canada to USA?

If any members could guide me about the above questions or any other things need to be taken care of while moving from Canada to USA that would be great help for me.

Thanks for all your help.


Ame amdavadi

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