Lets share information on stocks/trading

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Providing investing tips on a bulletin board may not be the best idea. I urge you not to provide individual tips on a particular stock. In many cases, you need to be a licensed advisor or the site may be targetted for investigation.

Please share only general tips. For further info go to
http://www.osc.gov.on.ca" rel="nofollow">LINK

Please don't be afraid if you have already provided a tip but beware in the future - there are many laws here that protect investors or would be investors and there are restrictions on who can provide advice. Just a small note - I used to work for the Ontario Securities Commission.

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if i invest 5000 n after 2 years gross 20000 n plan to withdraw my rrsp then will i be taxed then? how much?
r there any hidden expenses?
what is the max tax deferral that i can expect with such an investment.
and what will be the maximum growth i could expect without tying up or blocking the funds to any fixed period.
ne last moment suggestions

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I have the answers to all your questions.
Please send me $10,000.00 cash or cheque and i'll tell you how to invest.

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MCLD....MCleod USA Inc. listed on nasdaq.
Currently trading at .45 cents.....goood long term investment if looking to triple or quadruple the money...
Its in a telecom industry & the CEO has the won 2003's best Women CEO Award after HP-Compaq's CEO Carly Fiorina

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To all the fellow members,

As some of us has already posted earlier, in Canada, there are strict regulations abt advice given for any kind of investments, including even a GICs. In order for you to provide investment advise apart from having a licence, you have to KNOW YOUR CLIENT. And then there are so many more guidelines.

Only certain exempted people are allowed to put their reccomendations on NewsPapers / Internet, etc. when it is not meant for a particular person, but for a public in general. And again they have to get an exemption from the IDA before they can do that.

It may sound that I am being extra cautious, but that is the fact. If you want to start your career in banking, finance or investment co., pl do not give any specific "TIPS", not only on this thread, but even anywhere else. You can't even advertise on INTERNET or NEWSPAPERS that you have been licencesd by IDA, to provide investment advise.

Those who do not have an idea of how to invest, pl contact some IA (Investment Advisor), explain your investment objectives, your age, spouse info, annual income, family planning, time horizons and many more things. Only then can you get proper advise that is suited best to your objectives.

All the best

Let's help each other to grow & prosper in Canada

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In my humble opinion the Securities Commissions have not imposed any restrictions on discussing stock investments in the media. On the other hand there are very strict rules governing conduct when it comes to selling investment products.
Nevertheless, acting on investment advice given on the internet is not the sensible thing to do. According to the well-established investment principles, the investment must match your risk profile.
For someone who is new to the field and is keen on managing one's own funds then, as a first step, do the Canadian Securities Course. Then graduate to the Investment Management Techniques Course. Both these courses are offered by the Canadian Securities Institute (www.csi.ca).
Once you know the rules of the game you would enjoy the thrill of stock market.

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RRSPs are nothing but mutual fund accounts operating under the retirement tax benefit umbrella. Like any other mutual fund, the strategies that usually work in order for you to make money are:

1. Treat the investment as a long term investment - at least 5 to 7 years or more.

2. Invest regularly a certain amount that is comfortable to you. Regular investment means investing every month or at any other smaller intervals.

In other words, if you invest $10,000 now and do not invest anything for the next 10 years, the growth of that 10,000 will be limited compared to investing the same 10,000 little bit at a time every month over the same 10 years. Your goal is to increase the number of shares in the account. The share price fluctuates every day.

When you invest $100 today at, say, $10 a share, you get 10 shares. Next month, maybe the share price is only $8 and you end up with more than 12 shares for the same $100. The next month, the share price might be $11 and you may get about 9 shares for the $100.

The net result is the averaging of the share price. The key here is to invest more when the share prices are low since you get more shares for the same amount and vice versa.

This way, you earn more shares and on a long term, you get a good return. Most mutual funds (RRSP or otherwise) distribute dividends and capital gains and those also add to your investment gains.

For instance, I began investing in 1998 during the boom time. I lost close to 40% of the portfolio value during the 2000 to 2002 time period but continued investing regularly. Currently, my overall portfolio returns stand at an average of about 9% to 11% which is a decent return in the mutual fund industry. Some investments have close to 18% return while others have around 3 to 4% returns in my portfolio.

Individual stock investments are good and an avenue to make quick money if you have the time to pay attention on a regular basis every day. However, researching thousands of companies to choose good investments require a lot of efforts and carries a lot of risks.


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