Help req-can i transfer file from 1 country to another 29 days b4 interview

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 10-09-08 22:03:14

Dear Friends,

Sub: Help needed for File transfer from Berlin to London just 29 days left for interview in Berlin-Cannot travel to Germany because of Visa issues.

I knew only an Immigration expert can handle my question.

I am living in UK on a work permit. I applied for PR from Germany in 2006. I moved to UK in 2007 and i am living here for the past 20 months.

When I moved to UK, I gave my friends address as Care of address to Berlin CHC for the letter correspondance.

I got a interview call on October 2nd week. But my Germany visa expires on this month end.

I donot have any chance to extend my german visa this year, because i already extended my visa twice. I exceeded the maximum limit. Moreover,i don't live physically there.

I made one mistake , so far i forgot to get UK police clearance to Berlin CHC. I should have submitted that last year. But i send all my 1 year UK payslip to gain extra points for work experience to them.

Considering the above facts, I think i cannot travel to Berlin to attend interview.

It would be grateful if you could answer some questions or u can give some tips.

At this stage, Should i transfer my file to London CHC (just 29 days left for interview)?
If possible,Can i ask an interview in London CHC?
Is there any possiblity of getting an interview waiver by explaining my situation?

It would be grateful, if you guide me in this case.

Thanks in advance

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 10-09-08 22:58:49

All you have to do is ask for a visa for a period of a week (or three days) for the duration that you require and forward photocopies of the letter of interview to them together with the fees and the Passport.

Under some extenuating circumstances they will certainly issue you with one. They are not monsters.

You have ample time to do it. Also obtain a Police Clearance Certificate from Britain.

Good Luck.


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