Moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia

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I beg to differ on the issue of crime. Having lived in Halifax for 3 years from 2004-2007 I think petty crime is actually more prevalent in Halifax than big cities like Toronto. I've had quite a few instances of my car being vandalized etc. in Halifax. The problem is the overall lack of employment opportunities in the area.

However, other than that Halifax is a great place, though a little too expensive compared to Toronto(other than real-estate prices). The high taxes and expenses caused us to move out of Halifax.

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I think taxes are very high in the province of NS. But I think it might be a real experience and we are thinking of trying something other than the very big cities like TO. It might be easier to buy a place as well.

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It's true that taxes are higher in NS (income taxes). Not sure about property taxes. It's also true that buying a house is easier since it's less expensive than Toronto, though not particularly cheap.
However, salaries are lower, jobs are scarce AND things cost much more, like groceries and especially dairy products. The weather's a little cooler overall and more cloudy in general. And I already mentioned above my thoughts related to petty crime.

Having said that, Halifax can be a wonderful place to live, especially on two incomes if you can get jobs. The other issue is since with Halifax you're slightly away from everything, commuting anywhere outside of the province is a little bit of a challenge and more expensive. Eg. flying to India and/or other places in Canada/US is more expensive.
Gas is more expensive too.

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Hi guys, this is my first post on this forum.

I’m waiting to get immigration visa (skilled worker) and will soon be looking for a job in Canada. I’m a chartered accountant by profession with experience in offshore captive insurance accounting and auditing in Big 4 firms in Caribbean and UK.

Most people say that Toronto is the best place for accounting/finance jobs but my experience includes offshore accounting. Since, Halifax has many offshore mutual funds/insurance companies and a growing financial services industry and I have exactly that kind of experience, I’m thinking that starting the job search in Halifax will be a better prospect and fit with my CV.

Even though Toronto has many advantages over Halifax (e.g. bigger city/desi community, lower income tax, cheap groceries etc.) but our primary intent upon landing in Canada is to find a job. If Halifax offers a better chance of a job (as my experience fits in well with offshore accounting jobs) then why not go for the smaller city?

I’m earning US$80-85k at the moment but not sure about Halifax salary scales. Any opinions or advice will be highly appreciated.

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Indeed the taxes as well as cost of living seem to be higher in Nova Scotia. Travel costs increase as well as indicated above. Good post. I assume the whole of Eastern Canada has very high taxes since there are few people living there. I am surprised that gas is more expensive in NS.

As for jobs, I have heard there are some oil and gas related positions. Not much of an economy but the offshoring of financial services you seem to know more anyway. Could be interesting for some of us who are considering a place other than TO.

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Lived in Halifax for almost 5 years now. It is nice small city to live but does not offers much in terms of availability of good paying jobs. 80k is very good salary in Halifax but you will not able to save much. Taxes are high. House are cheap and rents are low but in few years the shipbuilding contract will kick in and prices will start increasing. I am into oil and gas and their is nothing much here in this field also. Most of the oil and gas jobs are in NFLD. gas prices are regulated by the province and are always higher compared to other province. Most of the jobs are seasonal and people enjoy living on EI. Shell might by coming to novascotia but actual job creation will take atleast 5 years. Even though I am earning more than 100k but I don't see any avenues of growth in career. Finally decided to move to west. Kids are not happy but daddy has to pay the bills.

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