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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 19-03-12 12:32:42

I was in Bangalore for 2 days and wish to share my experiences.
The Airport is very nicely done and the roads leading to the airport is very good. Also they have AC Volvo buses that take you to the city centre. For 40km, the charge will be Rs 260. The airport is like a busstand with people from all kinds of life using airplane (may be parents or relatives of IT people). There are around 12 routes from the airport covering all the parts of bangalore. The buses are almost always full.
I previously visited b'lore in 1994. Nothing has changed. I could only see around 1% extra of the city built in the form of shopping malls, IT parks, apartments. Office building (new)was not that much. The roads have all been widened and there are a lot of Bridges and under passes.
Bangalore is still virgin. There is a lot of area still to be developed. Slums are the same as it was in 1994. Overall there is a lot of green space,more space for parking cars etc...
Prices are still low. At a very decent place, filter coffee was just Rs. 6 and Kesari bath was Rs. 12. I stayed at MG road for just Rs. 1675 a day (incl.breakfast)+ tax.very affordable.
Coming to shopping centres, there are a lot of them. Most of them are just like Canadian ones except that it is fully Indians. Most of the shops donot have any crowd inside them.Food courts (much better and cheaper than Canada) are full to the brim. Most shopping centres have theatres which are also decently full.
People say that the Auto's are cheap and go by meter,But I was fleeced to pay around twice the normal price as I did not know the language.

Regarding IT parks, I visited Electronic city and ITPL. Nothing great.May be it is just 30 or 40 buildings each. I saw Infy,Wipro, SAP,etc.. It is a news to me that at 1.2 billion population, bangalore is the silicon valley of India due to these parks. I roamed around 1/4th of Bengalure but I could not find too many new apartments. True that 1 or 2 apartment complexes that I saw was 700-1200 units, but then donot expect any dense development in Bangalore.

slums or dilapidated building are seen next to nice Architecturally designed buildings.

Majestic area is just the same as it was in 1994.No new busstand. Same structure. Only thing is that 1/2 buses are old. the other 1/2 is AC and AC super duluxe buses.

One thing is certain. If India grows in the 7% range for the next 20 years, those who live in bangalore will never be out of a job and may turn into multi crorepathi's. But however, what ever it is, life will never be the same in Bengaluru as it is in Canada and so Indo-Canadians, please donot ever think of coming back. The current development is a hype as I did not see the world class Bengaluru as what I expected to see.

I rest my case and call upon Kumar M to share his views.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 19-03-12 13:37:24

TK ji, Thanks for the constructive feedback about bangalore. :) what's with all the travel? are u looking to move out of the small town?

But your comment about 'Bangalore being still a virgin' sent shivers up my spine. what's on your mind?:D


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Rajagopal :
I fully give honest feed backs only. I call an apple and apple. It is upto the people to see it as an apple or as a pineapple.
I am forced to move to bengaluru as an (unwanted!) promotion to my job. My employer feels that as a Canadian citizen, I may be of better use in Bengaluru to attract NRI investors who will invest in the (un)real estate of bengaluru by using me as the bait to grant these investors access the land of Canada which incidentally is a land of gold, honey and milk. Yes. I will be giving them immigration tips to enable them to migrate to Canada.

The Virgin thing stuck to me in India. Indian laws dictate that 3% of any development need to be virgin soil and hence the usage of the term. I shall refrain from using it if it sends shivers down your spine. I guess the word "Cocaine or Coke" would do the same thing to your nostrils as well as to your spine !

Till then,


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Thank you so much for the excellent feedback TK .... All things being good , have heard that rush hour traffic is a real pain B luru ......Is that so....

I d visited the place first in 1994 and then in 2006 .. Did find a lot of malls and growth b/w the 2 years ...

Read somewhere .... Begaluru has the largest concentration of intellectuals in a city , worldwide ....


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I am from Bangalore. I did my schooling and engineering from Blore. Recently I went back after 10 yrs to bangalore on vacation.

It has turned into a dirty place with dirt and garbage everywhere. Traffic sucks and is the worst. Total breakdown of infrastructure .

Only good thing is the Malls which are better than canadian malls and the food which is always amazing.

Its very expensive and common man suffers.

Its full of north indians and whole city sucks. Its not the bangalore I used to know.

Dont be fooled by Tk post.

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When I last visited B'lore recently, yes I agree with sridharm, its has to a certain extent lost its shine, but there are some places which have brought pride too.
As far as north or south Indians, any growth comes with some kind of sacrifice..
Airport is great, specially the colored Airport buses running Airport to city back-n-forth making airport transit easier & comfortable.

Malls are good, I would say better than Canadian malls..

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 19-03-12 23:06:21

"(may be parents or relatives of IT people)"

still some people have not gotten over their jealousy of people who earn more than they did.

There are many more who earn more than IT people. example doctors, pharmacists, professors etc.

anyway, i too travelled to bangalore and mysore last year. yes the airport is jampacked. it is like a railway station of our childhood. many people are travelling by air in india as if it was like a bus journey. that I agree with TK.

what I do not agree is that is it not just IT people. there are others who earn more than IT people

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